‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Critics rave about Tom Cruise’s new film

if”Top Gun: Maverick97% of reviewers Rottentomatoes.com By any metric, the new action/adventure blockbuster is about to soar into the clouds with audiences and the box office.

1986’s sequel”Top Gun,” was originally scheduled to hit theaters in summer 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will finally open in theaters on Friday, May 27.

“Top Gun: Maverick” Has Its Own World premiere on an aircraft carrier Last week in San Diego, California, the press screening has already begun.

“Thirty-six years later, here we are. It’s surreal,” said Tom Cruise on world premiere.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Box Office Predictions

Top Gun: MaverickIts domestic total should be between $280 million and $395 million, according to Shawn Robbins of Boxoffice Pro, which forecasts for U.S. theater exhibitors, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“This would keep the film firmly in the top five projected summer grosses,” the article said.

What is Top Gun: Maverick about?

More than 30 years after the original story, the 59-year-old Cruise returns as in-demand Navy aviator Pete “The Maverick” Mitchell, training a group of young fighter pilots on a special mission. Among the pilots was Lt. Bradley Bradshaw, call sign “The Rooster,” played by Miles Taylor, son of Lt. Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, Mitchell’s late friend.

The film’s star-studded cast includes Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Glen Powell, Charles Parnell, Bashir Salah Hedin, Monica Barbaro, Lewis Pullman, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez and Greg Tarzan Davis.

Jennifer Connelly in

Jennifer Connelly in “Top Gun: The Maverick.” The show opens in theaters on May 27.

What do critics and reviews say about Top Gun: Maverick?

Associated Press’ Mark Kennedy Said the film was “a textbook example of how to make a sequel.”

“Top Gun: The Maverick satisfies a foot in the past by touching all the touchstones of the first film,” Kennedy wrote, “but still stands on its own. It’s not like the last Ghostbusters sequel. That was weighed down by the past, but soared by using the second to answer and respond to the questions of the first.”

Justin Zhang of the Los Angeles Times “Obviously, a lot of thought and calculation has gone into this sequel to the acclaimed blockbuster,” he said.

“‘Top Gun: The Maverick’ is a longer, more expensive and significantly heavier film, with its expanded emotional reach and higher production value (including original film composer Harold Faltemeyer ‘s soundtrack) gives it an elegant, elegiac sheen,” Zhang wrote. “As a rare big-budget Hollywood film about men and women who fly without capes, it has a lot to look forward to. It was slated for 2020. Released in the summer of 2019 but delayed by nearly two years due to the pandemic, it arrives carrying the hopes and dreams of a temporarily recovering industry that may use non-Marvel theatrical productions.”

Mark Feeney of The Boston Globe: “Speed ​​is one thing. Clarity is another. Top Gun: Maverick has both.”

Miles Taylor in Top Gun: Maverick. The show opens in theaters on May 27, 2022.

Miles Taylor in Top Gun: Maverick. The show opens in theaters on May 27.

Anthony Lane of The New Yorker: “The obvious truth is that Top Gun: Maverick works. Aimed to draw a large audience into a collective and unconscious fist, it far surpasses the original while retaining an old-fashioned virtue: the sublime The action unfolds in the real sky instead of giant CGI smears”

Tomris Laffly of RogerEbert.com: “The real work that goes into each frame is generously displayed.  … As the jets pass through the atmosphere and brush through the target soil in a close-shave motion, the sensations they produce feel magical and worth having. Biggest screen.”

Ben KendrickScreenrant.com Said the wait for Top Gun: Maverick was well worth it.

“‘Maverick’ takes everything from Tony Scott’s original film and cranks up the volume,” Kendrick wrote. “The result is a film that pays homage to nostalgia at the same time, paying homage to ‘The Legacy of Top Gun’ while opening the series’ mythology by introducing new heroes and modern blockbuster effects for an emotionally charged and pulsing journey. Released in the first film 26 years later, Top Gun: Maverick is a rare sequel that is not only better than the original, but retroactively made Top Gun The story is deeper. “

Top Gun: Maverick,” was rated PG-13 for “a sequence of intense action and some strong language. ” Run time: 131 minutes.

Tom Cruise makes an all-star cast in

Tom Cruise makes an all-star cast in “Top Gun: Maverick.” The show opens in theaters on May 27.

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