Travis Barker Dated Kim Kardashian, Fans Are Confused

We’d be so sweet around each other, like little kids, and then when we were apart, she’d call me and say, “I want to see you again.” “Me too,” I’d say,” Travis This is what Kim said in his 2015 memoir.

Since they went public with their relationship in early 2021, Travis Buck and Kourtney Kardashian have been making no secret of how much they love each other.

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The couple quickly Intense PDAand her ex Scott Disick was even exposed shade the pair When they were spotted making out on a beach in Italy.

In fact, on this week’s Courtney Family reality show, The Kardashiansshe the children beg her Stop “Kissing in French” with Travis during family dinner.

Kourtney and Travis, who have been friends for years, decided to take things to the next level after they grew closer during the lockdown.

After just a year of dating, in October 2021, Travis proposed a $1 million engagement ring During the romantic beach show, the couple was surrounded by roses and candles.

Since the proposal, the couple has “practice” Wedding in Las Vegas, followed by legal ceremony On Sunday, only his father and her grandmother were present to testify.

The wedding is said to be their way of sorting out the technical details ahead of their big wedding celebration in Italy, which is expected to happen soon.

Throughout their relationship, fans commented on Courtney’s performance visibly happier than everwhich is something her family also said.

In fact, Travis has been warmly welcomed by the KarJenner family, with Kourtney’s sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner speaking highly of him.

Basically, Courtney and Travis’ entire relationship seems like a fairy tale, and it’s obvious to everyone that Travis couldn’t have been better with his new wife.

in the most recent episode The KardashiansChris was filmed telling Courtney that Travis had revealed to her that he moved to Calabasas a few years before their romance started so he could be closer to her.

“You want to know the real reason he moved to Calabasas?” Chris asked Courtney. “He said, ‘Because I know she lives in Calabasas, I know she’s the love of my life, I don’t even know her, but I just know if I can’t date her or be with her because she’s with other People together, at least I can live on her.

Travis first moved to Calabasas in 2007, a year after he split from ex-wife Shanna Mockler. He bought a second home in the area in 2017.

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In light of Chris’ comments, many fans noted that, according to Travis’ own memoir, he briefly dated Courtney’s sister Kim a year before moving to Calabasas. He also previously called Kim “fucking hot” and “eye candy” after admitting to having a huge “fat” with her.

In his 2015 autobiography, I can say: live big, cheat to die, and drum, drum, drumTravis recalled a trip to Amsterdam with Paris Hilton and Kim in 2006, when he was a Paris wardrobe organizer.

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Despite dating Paris, Travis admits that he secretly stared at Kim during the holidays.

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“We all checked into our hotel, rented bikes and rode all over Amsterdam – that’s what you do there. It was me, Lil Chris, my drummers Daniel, Paris and Kim,” Travis wrote road. “We were all as excited as kites in a coffee shop. Then we rode to absinthe bars and then the red light district.”

“I had so much fun and it was nice to let the world know. I’ve been sneaking in on Kim, telling Lil Chris, ‘I don’t care if she’s the girl in the closet, she’s fucking hot,'” he added.

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Travis, who was on a reality show with Shana in 2005, called Meet Buckwent on to reveal that he gave Kim the advice as she shared with her family that she wanted to be on a reality show with her family.

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“She wanted to do a reality show because she thought her family was funny, and obviously she was right,” he said of the success Keeping up with the Kardashians“I respect her being busy. She’s meeting with Ryan Seacrest and she wants to know what it’s like to do a show. “It’s busy,” I told her, “you don’t have privacy. It’s not just you and your family at home. It was really personal and it was really bad. ‘”

Travis also spoke about his initial attraction to Kim in a 2015 interview Us Weeklysaid: “How can you not stare at Kim? Mind you, I love hanging out with Paris, but I love curvy girls. Kim is eye candy. I don’t have any disrespect for Paris, but I can’t take my eyes off Kim. Move away.”

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After Travis and Paris split, he briefly reunited with Shanna before breaking up again.Travis says in his book that he started talking to Kim shortly after her sex tape with ray j Released in February 2007.

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“We kept in touch after Amsterdam and she did some modeling for Famous. I hired Estevan Oriol to shoot her entire ad campaign in a swimsuit. Kim’s tape came out and she broke up with Ray J,” he wrote.

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He then said his “just want to be a gentleman” of Kim was “weird” despite her sex tape, as he recalled innocent dinner and lunch dates. He even spent time with her family and used her as a model for his famous line of star and strappy clothing.

#kimkardashian models travis barker’s clothing line, “famous stars and straps” 📸 2008

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“We went to dinner, we went to lunch. You might think I’d do the worst thing to this girl because of the tapes, but it’s the complete opposite of any other encounter I’ve had with women: For Kim, I just want Be her gentleman. It was so weird,” Travis recalled.

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“We were together a lot. We used her in a Famous ad campaign. She went to my house for a swim. We watched the Fourth of July fireworks together,” he recalls in his memoir. “I would visit her and her family at their clothing store. We would be so sweet around each other, like little kids, and then when we were apart, she would call me and say, ‘I want to see you again. “‘Me too,’ I would say.”

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Travis ends up reuniting with Shana again but finds himself still ‘really’ [wanting] See Kim,” which allegedly led to a clash between the two women.

“Sana got wind of what was going on. She poured Kim a glass of wine at a party at Carmen Electra. I felt bad,” he claimed, before insisting that the affair between him and Kim never happened Pass. “Kim and I never touched each other. It just shouldn’t be.”

Travis in 2015 with ushe reiterated that they had never been in contact.

“I fell in love with her and we were flirting but nothing happened. She was so kind and polite and I just felt like a perfect gentleman around her. It was a trip!” he said in the interview. “When I saw her, I gave her a hug and wished her all the best and no embarrassment. Because god knows shit gets embarrassing when you take the bait!”

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Although he insists that nothing happened between them, Shanna claims Travis cheated on her with Kim.

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Last May, Travis and Shanna’s daughter, Alabama, shared a screenshot of a text message she allegedly received from her mom to her Instagram Story.

In post, Alabama says her mom ‘never fully engaged [her] life,” and asked followers to “stop portraying her as an amazing mum. “

Part of what appears to be Shanna’s lengthy text reads: “I divorced Travis because I found out he was having an affair with Kim! Now he’s in love with her sister…it all sucks.”

and with Us Weekly Last May, Shanna said of Kim and Travis: “I divorced my ex because I saw them — I found out they were having an affair. Someone sent me all their [text] Conversation, I was also close friends with the people who were there while things were happening. “

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But last year, Kim dismissed those claims after a fan asked in an Instagram Q&A: “Did you hook up with Travis Barker?” She replied, “No! False narrative! We’ve been friends for years and I’m happy for him and Kurt.”

However, people are now arguing that it doesn’t matter whether Kim and Travis were physically hooking up, and the fact that he previously admitted to being so obsessed with her around the same time he moved to Calabasas has raised some eyebrows .

Discussing his past comments online, fans speculated that when he told Chris “I just know if I can’t date her or stay with her because she’s with someone else, at least I can live with her”, In fact, Kim said he felt that way in the first place.

“I know everyone has different boundaries and tolerances, but how the fuck could anyone marry a man who used to express himself this way to her own sister,” one person wrote. “It’s almost like Kourt is second best to Kim because he can’t find her first.”

“exist The Kardashians, Kris Jenner tells the story of how Travis Buck moved to Calabasas to love Courtney from a distance. Well, I’ve read the book and know that…..he’s after Kim not Courtney. Oh,” others tweeted.

Among the Kardashians, Kris Jenner tells a story about how Travis Buck moved to Calabasas to love Courtney from afar. Well, I’ve read the book and know that…..he’s after Kim not Courtney. oops.

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“Travis Buck wanted a Kardashian so badly that he spent years talking about Kim in interviews and then he said he moved to Calabasas to live near Courtenay a few years before he knew her,” Another commented.

travis barkar wanted a kardashian so badly that he spent years talking about kim in interviews and then he said he moved to Calabasas years before he knew her to live near kourtney 💀

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“I’m calling bullshit. I’ve read his books and he absolutely loves Kim,” the fourth said of the reports that he moved closer to Courtney. “Say she’s the first girl he doesn’t want to sleep with.”

Courtney has never acknowledged her current husband’s past relationship with her sister, but something tells me she doesn’t care too much.

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