Two new exhibitions open at The Broad this weekend, including Takashi Murakami’s first solo exhibition at the museum

Takashi Murakami: Step on the tail of the rainbow at The Broad.Photo by Brian Champlin

The Broad’s will open Saturday with two specially ticketed exhibitions, featuring a new exhibition featuring iconic Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

TonAkashi Murakami: Stepping on the Rainbow’s Tail is the artist’s first solo show at The Broad and features 18 works, including the 82-foot-long painting that inspired the exhibition’s title, The land of the dead, on the tail of the rainbow. Fans of Takashi Murakami will be familiar with most of what is shown here, including the 32-foot wide 100 Lohanor DOB in Strange Forest (Blue DOB), featuring the artist’s most famous characters and alter ego. But there is also something new.


In addition to the artwork, visitors can also access a set of augmented reality experiences created specifically for the exhibition in collaboration with Takashi Murakami design studio Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. Think of these AR creations as if you were playing Pok√©mon GO. You’ll scan a QR code at access points inside and outside the museum, which will open your Instagram app where you can view overlays through the IG Stories filter. They range from the giant Mr. DOB hanging from the outside lawn like a hot air balloon, to a pair of demons standing at the entrance to the exhibit.

Augmented reality filters as part of the exhibition at The Broad Shin Murakami. Photo by Brian Champlin.

Also open on Saturday this is not an american flag, a group show that questions the symbolism of the American flag through a selection of works by more than 20 artists including Jasper Johns, Alfredo Jarre, Cindy Sherman, and David Hammons . The combination of voice and criticism makes the flag an open question, tied to themes of cultural erasure, oppression, consumerism and even gun violence.

Museum staff demonstrate the pulley system at Vito Acconci’s Instant House on display at The Broad.Photo by Brian Champlin

Both exhibitions are in the ground floor galleries, and since these are specially ticketed, you’ll need to pay $18 (or $12 for students) to get in when you book a timed slot in advance. But to all my bargain hunters, don’t worry.

The Broad will also provide Free admission Two ticketed exhibitions every Thursday from 5-8pm starting June 2, with free admission to the June 19 (June 19) and July 5 (Independence Day) exhibitions. Free tickets are released on the last Wednesday of every month at 10am, so be sure to set your calendar.

TonAkashi Murakami: stepping on the tail of the rainbow and this is not an american flag It will officially open to the public on May 21 and will be on display until September 25, 2022. Advance reservation is required.Get more information and book tickets Check out more photos from the two exhibitions below.

Takashi Murakami poses for a group photo at the opening of his new exhibition.Photo by Brian Champlin
In the land of the dead, stepping on the tail of the rainbow, Takashi Murakami.Photo by Brian Champlin
Christina took a photo of Flower Matango (b) by Takashi Murakami.Photo by Brian Champlin
DOB (Blue DOB) in a strange forest.Photo by Brian Champlin
“100 Arhats” by Takashi Murakami.Photo by Brian Champlin
Congress of India, Wendy Red Star at The Broad’s new “This Is Not an American Flag” exhibit.Photo by Brian Champlin
Extra value for Genevieve Gaignard (after Venus).Photo by Brian Champlin
15,580 by Hank Willis Thomas (2017).Photo by Brian Champlin


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