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This week’s contestants:

NFL analyst Mina Kimes

Despite frequently tweeting that she is a victim of women in sports, Kimms once again proved her privilege this week.

ESPN prohibits discussions of politics. Obviously, that doesn’t apply to Kimes, since ESPN allowed her to support Democrat Karen Bass as mayor of Los Angeles.


ESPN is so picky when it comes to its so-called “apolitical” policy that even ESPN spokesman Stephen A. Smith, call out network.

“You can’t let a person go unpunished [talking politics at ESPN] Don’t let other people get away with it,” Smith said Wednesday. “The rules have to apply to everyone. “

correct. on ESPN, Mark Jones can tell Rush Limbaugh “rot in hell“But Sage Steele cannot express a single conservative view.


de Blasio

De Blasio contributed to the downfall of New York’s mayor. Now, he plans to save the city by running for Congress.

De Blasio, a fool, has made New York worse in almost every way, from crime to the economy to the attractiveness of the city.

Are we too easy on his pictures?

dead spin

According to Deadspin, any white Whoever watched NBA Game 7 on Sunday contributed to white supremacy.

On Monday, Deadspin posted the following headline:

“White fans entertained by black athletes the day after a racist killed a black man in Buffalo – that’s what white supremacy looks like.”

Damn, white people.


Black Lives Matter group paid a co-founder’s baby dad five times More than to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Since the NBA and NFL Help spread the BLM messagewe seek a response.

“OutKick reached out to the NBA and NFL to see if they still support the organization. We asked them to contact someone about the group. [baby daddy]. Unfortunately, neither league responded. If they do, we will update this story. “

The BLM used the deaths of black Americans to enrich its leaders. Both the NFL and the NBA support them. Fraud.

JJ Redick

Redick has become one of the most hated voices on ESPN. Certainly not as bad as Elle Duncan. But still bad.

More recently, Redick criticized NBA players of the 1950s, saying they competed with “plumbers and firemen.”

On Friday, 93-year-old Bob Cousy echoed Redick’s remarks.

“People with less talent will always try to make a name for themselves by criticizing others and hoping to get some attention and maybe increase their credibility,” Cousy told SiriusXM NBA Radio.

so true.

as OutKick Anthony Farris put it,

“Redick isn’t known for making comments that people remember or care deeply about, but he’s been very popular lately. Earlier this month, he Rip Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Comments on Draymond Green. He was so off base that even Stephen A. Smith defended Russo. “

NBA owner

No wonder NBA owners are so willing to ignore China’s genocide of Uighur Muslims. According to ESPN, the NBA owner has $10 billion — $10 billion — tied to Chinese investment.

Keith Olberman

You don’t need to explain do you?

Who’s the biggest sober loser of the week besides Keith Olbermann?

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