white snake Revisiting its multi-platinum career by reuniting some of its biggest hits into a new series, “Hottest”available May 6 on digital and streaming services.

white snake Founder and vocalist David Coverdale 16 tracks have been remixed and remastered for this series, including “I’m back again”originally released on the band’s 1982 album, “Saints and Sinners”. The Ballad of Power was re-recorded as white snakeThe 1987 album of the same name was released as a single, after which it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on the UK Singles Chart.

Decision on re-recording “I’m back again” and roles music tv to make this track a worldwide success, Coffdale say (as in transcription BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, first of all, it’s GeffenThe idea of ​​re… I’ve never re-recorded except for a song called ‘blind’ In my original solo album, [1977’s] “White Snake”then we put it in [WHITESNAKE‘s 1980] ‘ready’ willing’ album, because then I felt like we really had a solid idea early on white snakeand Bernie Marsden, Mitch Moody, Neil Murray, Lord Jon and Ian Pace, they have done an excellent job of this. But I’ve never been the one to re-record.and John [Sykes, then-WHITESNAKE guitarist] I’ve written enough source material albums.but [Geffen] Want to do – this is helpful for us – redo ‘I’m back again’. John Not happy, but history speaks for itself.I said, ‘Okay, if we’re going to do that, I want to redo it ‘Cry in the rain’,’ I was never really satisfied with its original recording. We have arranged- John, Neil Murray I have arranged – a special core which is a great solo John, the Solo function.But the whole album is also [drummer] Cozy Powell – God rests his soul.When we showed it at the concert, it came from JohnThe amazing, exciting solo comfortableThe earth-shattering, thunderous drum solo.

“We have a good relationship with the radio ‘slide in’ album, they’re actually waiting for a new album white snake album, rock radio. So we delivered this thing.Of course, at the time music tv On a global scale is a huge element.so white snake Going from being successful in a few areas to being a global entity is super validated, as you can imagine. “

a year ago, “I’m back again” New interest seen after actress’ death Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaenwho appears in the song’s video. North Park Died May 7, 2021 at her Newport Beach home at the age of 59.

although white snake In the process of producing the 1987 album of the same name, Coffdale start dating North Parkwho recently starred opposite Tom Hanks in this video “Bachelor party”. North Park soon appeared in several white snakemusic videos, including those “I’m back again”, “Is this love” and “still night”. of the lens North Park Twist on the hood Jaguar inside “I’m back again” The clip has been dubbed one of the most iconic and sexiest video moments of all time.

Coffdale and North Park They tied the knot in 1989, but the union lasted only two years.

Shortly after its April 1987 release, “White Snake” It was a huge success worldwide, selling millions of copies.it peaked at number 2 billboard The album charted and spawned four pop singles: “still night”, “Give Me All Your Love”, “Is this love” (to 2nd place) and “I’m back again”.

Coffdale said before about the new “Hottest” Collection: “We’ve definitely expanded on the original ‘Hottest’, take them all out of the sonic time capsules of the 80s and 90s, and keep them up to date in terms of sound…as always, we have original albums for those who consider them sacred relics. “

keyboard player Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Son of Apollo), who also appeared in white snakethe most recent “Red, White, Blue” Trilogy, adding the Hammond organ to more than half of the songs in the series.His bloody contribution can be heard in the No. 1 spike “I’m back again”, “For the Fool You Love”, “You’re going to break my heart again” and more.new performance by ex white snake Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg can also hear “Love Deeper” and “Judgment Day” album from 1989 “Accidentally slipping the tongue”.

In addition to these new additions, Coffdale Also went back to the vault to discover vintage performances Sykes Does not appear in original recordings, including solos “slide in” and rhythm guitar “Give Me All Your Love”.

“Hottest” Extensive focus on the band’s three blockbuster albums released in the 1980s: 1984s “slide in” (Double Platinum), 1987s “White Snake” (eight times platinum) and the 1989s “Accidentally slipping the tongue” (platinum).But as the song goes deeper, the collection goes deeper, such as “Sweet Lady Luck”the B side on a 12-inch stand-alone “Love Deeper” and “forever”the title track of the band’s 2011 album.

white snake Just embarked on a farewell tour with special guests Europe. The first station “White Snake: A Farewell Tour” It kicks off in Dublin on May 10.

“Hottest” CD/Blu-ray track list:

01. still night
02. I’m back again
03. is this love
04. give me all your love
05. love is no stranger
06. slide it in
07. slow down ‘easy’
08. guilty love
09. fool your love
10. the day of the trial
11. the deeper the love
12. now you are gone
13. You’re going to break my heart again
14. sweet luck goddess
15. cry in the rain
16. forever

white snake Will Scorpion North America tour this summer and fall.up to two months living country-The Production Trek kicks off August 14 in Toronto with more concerts in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, and Denver.Also on the bill is the Swedish band Lei Mu.

last July, white snake Announcement of recruitment for Croatian singer/multi-instrumentalist Dino Jerushik for its current tour. Gelusik is a member of the multi-platinum selling band Trans-Siberian Orchestra and was previously Dirty Shirley (and George Lynch),animal drive and recorded with many others.The 29 year old Dino Singing, touring and recording since the age of five. In addition to being the lead singer, his main instrument is the keyboard, but he also plays bass, guitar and drums. He completed the conservatory and worked in theatre.

CoffdaleHe, who turned 70 last September, recently confirmed that he plans to retire after the tour white snakeThe next batch of concerts around the world.

Coffdale His knees were replaced with titanium in 2017 after suffering from degenerative arthritis. He later explained that his knee was very painful from arthritis, which hampered his ability to perform live.

white snake has been touring in support of its latest album, “warm bodies”adopted in May 2019 Frontier Music Co., Ltd..

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