Why Dr. Jen Armstrong broke up with husband Ryne Holliday

Dr. Jane Armstrong apply for legal separation For their family, from husband Ryne Holliday, Page Six can reveal exclusively.

“There was no specific catalyst for filing the application. After their first attempt to separate in September [2021]Jen and Ryne are still in limbo and Jen feels she needs to take this step to improve their family vitality,” a source said.

“They had the same issues that came up on the show,” the insider continued. “But everything is friendly and they are committed to keeping the kids stable and happy.”

The estranged couple proved that last week when they entertained their kids at Disneyland.

“What a day at Disneyland with my family! 🪄♥️😍Thanks @disneyland for a great trip and a day full of laughter, smiles and pure magic!!!!” Armstrong captioned a carousel Family Photos on Instagram. “Feeling like a kid again! ♥️🖤🪄✨🍊”

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star, 44, reportedly filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court on May 13. Legal documents obtained on page 6.

Dr Jen Armstrong poses with now estranged husband Ryne Holliday
Page Six can reveal exclusively why Dr. Jen Armstrong filed for legal separation from husband Ryne Holliday.
Jennifer Armstrong/Instagram

this Doctor of Aesthetic MedicineShe, who has been married to Holiday for nearly eight years, listed the separation date as September 8, 2021, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation.

Armstrong, who shares twins Cece and Vince, 42, and son Robert, 9, with Holliday, is petitioning for legal and physical custody of their children and granting a stay-at-home father and business owner visit right.

Back in February, Armstrong told Page Six, Her first separation from Holliday Finally “healed” for the couple – after their marital woes were captured in “RHOC” season 16.

Dr. Jen Armstrong and Ryne Holliday with their three children at Disneyland
The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star and her estranged spouse recently entertained their kids at Disneyland for a day.
Jennifer Armstrong/Instagram

“I’m just telling the truth. We really got separated. We got separated and then lived without each other,” she said at the time. “Sometimes I think you need to shake things up a bit before you can really appreciate the other person.”

As the audience saw, the founders of Armstrong, MD, and Holliday were at odds over their mutual lack of understanding of the different roles of raising children.

“We were really invested and didn’t expect us to get back together,” Armstrong explained, noting that she was ultimately optimistic about Holiday’s future.

Ryne Holliday and his dog Puppers shirtless
Holliday — pictured here with his beloved pet Chihuahua, Mr. Puppy — and Armstrong regularly spar over their different roles in raising children.
Jennifer Armstrong/Instagram

“Lane is back and he’s very genuine, very kind and always loving,” she explained. “That’s the man [I fell in love with]. I take that person every day. I thought, ‘Where have you been? Where have you been in the past 12 years? we miss you! ‘”

While a reconciliation remains to be seen, the “Real Housewives” rookie, who debuted on Bravo this year, says she and Holiday want to emerge stronger from their recent breakup.

“Lane and I are taking some time to focus on ourselves and our children,” she said in a statement. to the people Tuesday. “While we are deeply saddened, we hope we can recover and emerge stronger as a family. We need to be patient as we begin this new chapter in our lives.”

Ryne Holliday poses with Dr. Jen Armstrong on Instagram
“Jen and Ryne are still in limbo and Jen feels she needs to take this step to improve the vitality of their family,” a source told Page Six.
Jennifer Armstrong/Instagram

In March, Armstrong told Page Six that she and Holliday were Unloading their $6 million Newport Beach, California property Looking for a fresh start.

“We want our new home to be a clean place … to work for our marriage and family,” she said.

However, speaking with Andy Cohen during the “Orange County” reunion that aired in April, Armstrong hinted that Holiday might not be included in her next move.

Dr. Jen Armstrong in
Armstrong made his Bravo debut this year on “RHOC” season 16.
NBCU Image Gallery via Getty Images

“Is it fair to assume Ryne will move with you?” Cohen, 53, asked, to which Armstrong replied: “I mean, time will tell.”

“But of course you’re joking?” The host then followed up, prompting the Braves to respond: “Yeah…we’ll see.”

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