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FOXBOROUGH, MA — Quick thoughts and notes on the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1. Satisfied with Zappe: One of ESPN’s most compelling moments on day three 2022 NFL Draft When the Patriots Select Western Kentucky Quarterback Bailey Zappe Late fourth round (137th).

Host Rece Davis said what a lot of people who follow the Patriots may have been thinking about: Help me understand the choice – especially after the choice Mike Jones There were other notable needs in the first round the year before, especially on defense.

It sparked an in-depth discussion with analysts Todd McShay and Louis Riddick on how to pick and develop quarterbacks.

That’s on par with former NFL general manager Randy Mueller, who served in the front office of the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins and was named with the Saints in 2000. NFL Executive of the Year. He applauded Zappe’s choice.

“I’m not surprised. At that point in the draft, you’re trying to identify characteristics of players that may not be visible to everyone. I think Beal [Belichick] His staff did a great job in all positions,” Mueller said.

“I see a lot of positives in Bailey Zappe. When you go into day three of the draft, I don’t think there’s a way to say no, no matter the position. Everyone seems to want to meet the needs throughout the process. [the draft], but I’m more concerned with getting the best pool of players than bypassing good players to meet demand. I think Bailey is one of them, although I don’t think everyone sees that. “

Mueller, who now runs Mueller Football Consulting Services, studied all the quarterbacks in the draft.While the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Zappe was fifth, Mueller ranked him second behind first-round picks Kenny Pickett (No. 20 of the Steelers).

“Everyone’s standards are always a little bit different, but what I see is someone who sees, predicts and handles, and it all comes out of the pocket, plus a certain level of accuracy and throwing all pitches. ability, because he has enough arms,” ​​Mueller said.

“I wasn’t looking for a 6-footer quarterback per se, but he played a lot bigger than that. In fact, he had vision and expectations; I’m not saying he was Drew Brees or Russell Wilson Or anything else, but…he’s trending more in this line just because of his expected skills. “

Zappe’s performance is beyond expectations in 2021, when he completed 475 of 686 passes (69.2%) for 5,967 yards, 61 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He moved from Houston Baptist to Western Kentucky after his offensive coordinator Zach Kitley.

Mueller points to the systems Zappe runs, coupled with his production and skill set, that speaks so highly of him.

“For me, the others have a lot of confidence in the processing ability, the ability to predict, the ability to shoot on time and still have enough athleticism to move around in the pocket,” he said.

“I think he’s a natural, throws on the right trajectory, has touch. He’s done a lot of secondary and tertiary things that I’ve seen four or five years later a pro quarterback still can’t do. So I Think he has a further learning curve than most people think.”

2. Mueller’s memory: When Mueller was an analyst for ESPN from 2002 to 2005, he visited the Patriots’ training camp — the first time he attended training camp, not at the club where he worked. One thing he saw that day resonated.

“I remember seeing Tom Brady, this is his 3rd or 4th year in his career, his attention to detail and his footwork in the pocket. The fact that he’s still working on this stuff haunts me forever,” Mueller said, adding that it changed his mind when evaluating the position.

“I think it’s one of those things that Tom doesn’t get enough credit for— [movement] In the pocket – with footwork and everything else.I also saw some of Bailey’s [Zappe]. “

3. Early risers: Patriots assistant Joe Judge, who is working with the quarterback, said Zappe was at the team facility early Tuesday morning “trying to make it happen.” This diligence is often the best way to make a good first impression on a coach.As a receiver for Zappe, this may also be necessary Tykun Thornton then run back Pierre Strong Jr. Leaving town to attend later this week NFLPA Rookie Premiere In California, an annual event to introduce sponsors to the best-selling rookies.

4. Kraft Note: who knows? When Patriots owner Robert Kraft received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Sports Business Magazine on Wednesday night, Eli Manning told the crowd that at Manning’s Giants in the 42nd Super Bowl How he received Kraft’s handwritten letter of congratulations about five days after shocking the Patriots in the bowl. “I’ve been impressed by the impact of handwritten notes over the years,” Manning said.

5. In honor of Vince: A date for Vince Wilfork’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction is TBD, but it would be fitting if he were honored at halftime of the Sept. 25 home opener against the Ravens. That’s because Wilfolk said if there was one game that stood out in his career, it was a 23-20 AFC win over Baltimore on January 22, 2012, when he stood up in the fourth quarter, Two key defenses – Ripped running back Rey Rice on 3rd and 3rd runs, then harassed the quarterback Joe Flacco Stop at the fourth time.

6. Preparation of Perkins: There’s a clear opening at the outside linebacker across the Patriots Matthew Jutonand a 2021 third-round pick Ronnie Perkins (Oklahoma) is one of the candidates to fill it.Perkins didn’t appear in the regular season as a rookie, in part because he was buried in the depth chart behind him Kyle Vannoy, Jamie Collins and others. Outside linebackers coach Steve Belichick said Perkins stayed in Foxborough throughout the offseason to put himself in the best position to “take a step forward.”

“At the end of the day, what really matters is what happens when we put the pads on,” Belichick said. “But so far, everything he’s done has been right.”

7. A fresh start for Wade: Patriots trade fifth- and seventh-round picks for rookie cornerback Sean Wade Coming from the Ravens last September, he only appeared in three games off the bench due to adjustment to the new system and injuries. Cornerbacks head coach Mike Pellegrino says it’s a “new start” for the 6-foot-1, 191-pound Wade who is “a faster, longer guy” . Pellegrino also noted that Wade has improved this offseason after targeting several undisclosed coaching points.

The Patriots have an open game at cornerback that also includes Jaylen Mills, Malcolm Butler, Jonathan Jones, Marcus Jones, Jack Jones and Terence MitchellPellegrino repeatedly repeated “the best people will play”.

Where Wade fits in — akin to Perkins at outside linebacker — is one of several untold offseason storylines in New England.

8. Fins up: Why did the Patriots start the season with the Dolphins for the third year in a row? Partly because of the Lady Gaga concert at Hard Rock Stadium that week, Miami asked to hit the road in Week 2. So that increases the odds of their opening week at home, narrowing their opponent selection to seven teams (Buffalo is already locked in to face the Rams). The Patriots are an option when balancing other considerations, but don’t count on the Patriots-Dolphins opener on Sunday 2023. “I promise you, we’ll be watching New England-Miami closely in Week 1 of next year,” said NFL vice president of broadcast Mike North.

9. Walsh’s legacy: Ross Douglas, who joins the Patriots in 2021 with the official title of NFL coaching scholarship/defense, switched to working with receivers with Troy Brown this spring. The Avon, Ohio native credits New England skills development director Joe Kim for helping him get through the door, as Douglas took his first kickboxing class at age 5. See Kim.He also credits the late Bill Walsh for Douglas’s position through his Diversity Scholarship Program.

“It means absolutely everything to me,” Douglas said. “A lot of good college football coaches and a lot of talented minorities, it’s hard to get into an NFL building — either because of a lack of resources or a lack of connections. So that’s our gateway.”

10. Did you know? Four NFL teams played their first two regular-season games on the road last season, which is how the Patriots will kick off the 2022 season (in Miami and Pittsburgh). The 49ers and Broncos both won, the Cowboys parted ways, and the Vikings lost.

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