YNGWIE MALMSTEEN accuses ‘sick’ JEFF SCOTT SOTO of making up stories to ‘stay relevant’: ‘Stop stalking me and ask for help’

predecessor-Invi Malmsteen singer Jeff Scott Sotohas had a feud with the legendary Swedish guitarist in recent years, claims INWELL Threatened to cancel his Thursday night (May 19) concert in Agoura Hills, California, after discovering his former bandmates were in attendance.

Late last night, Jeff Taking to his social media he wrote: “Hey my peeps, this is a funny little guy! Tonight I went to the Canyon Club, my local watering hole for the past 21 years, like my cheers, everyone Know my name….I actually went to see a killer band and I hesitated because my ex “boss” was the headliner, but I’m not going to stay…okay , his message told me that I was at the house, and I was told that the show would be canceled as long as I was there… Now I see it all!

“I left as planned, but it was kind of funny, I just had to share the absurdity (not real words, but seems to fit the details) that 2022 is still going on and I laughed all the way home!” Jeff Add to. “I’m sure this will be shared like crazy, but I can’t help but share, good times!”

Earlier today, Malmsteen dispute sotoA description of what happened at Agoura Hills, written in his Facebook Page: “Well…I think some people are making up stories to be in the media again. Kids, don’t believe the BS made up by people trying to stay relevant! It doesn’t matter that he cancels my show for my fans On the other hand, my agent told me he sneaked in and didn’t pay, so the security kicked him out. Somebody made up a story… paid, then turned around and made up a story to try to get the media Concerns…some people are sick. Stop following me and ask for help”.

when a fan questioned INWELL about him Jeff Must strive to be present and challenged today Malmsteen “Compare audience responses to the above items and releases to what [Yngwie has] completed in the same period” Malmsteen Response: “Well, let me think that for the past 15/20 years…I’ve been in the US billboard Every time I release a record, including my last! As a theater, the promoters are happy.On top of that, I’ve done large deals, including signature models with major companies such as Marshall, fender, applaud, Dunlop, Seymour Duncan, Levitt Mic, the list goes on. On top of that, I won an award for the most magazine covers in some guitar magazine history. Do you want me to continue? ! ? None of this matters to me, but what matters is the intent to discredit me and my reputation for the past 40 years. Everything this person says is a lie with intent to cause harm. I’ve never talked about him or had any interest just because he wasn’t important to me. However, he can’t stop talking about me regularly! Making up stories because he didn’t have any relevant success himself, he followed others. He needs to move on and stop following me.Oh I almost forgot I have over half a million listeners Spotify One person per month! He asked me to look it up… oh no, only 40k! Yes, he needs to keep slandering me. “

soto It has since returned to social media to respond INWELL Attached the following letter: “I will put it on hold after clarifying a few things.

“God forbid anyone thinks I’m trying to incite the media, especially by berating someone in the process.

“I post my past on social media to celebrate and share how proud I have been for the past 4 years in music. I don’t need and don’t need to ride anyone’s tuxedo, stalk or try to drum up the media for myself, I have My music and what I’m currently involved in to do this. Everything else I share is a celebration, no more, no less.

“I’ve been to a venue that I frequent for the past 21 years, I’ve played this venue more than I can remember or count, and know that since I first walked through these doors in 2001, all who have ever been Something that was and still is. I haven’t “sneaked” to a show since I heard about an intimate jam in 1988 prince Throwing in an undisclosed position I found and finally made it 15 minutes before he finished. That is, if I have to sneak into a venue or enter a venue for anyone without paying, I won’t even be near the building, I’m 56, not 16!

“In the end, I went to this venue to watch someone who was close to me play. When I found out who the headlines were, I decided it was best not to go because I didn’t want to offend anyone in any way. Then I decided I would go , but leave before the headlines start because I’m not interested in seeing that part of the night anyway.

“If anyone has been following interviews, award speeches, or even my own social media, where I’ve said many times in my life that all I want in my life is peace, no enemies, no hostility, especially with anyone in the past, They will know that my intentions are only about leaving this planet and there is no water under the bridge. I extend an olive branch to continue to celebrate my past in a positive way and to make sure that everyone knows I want to be with anyone I have or have ever had Anyone with problems embrace it. If this is ‘sick’ then contain me immediately!”

five years ago, sotowho sang this INWELL‘s first two albums, 1984 “Emerging Power” and the 1985s “go out”engaged in a war of words with the Swedish guitarist over the following facts Malmsteen Claimed in an interview that he “always wrote everything,” including lyrics and melodies, and simply hired various singers to sing his material.

Back in 2017, soto told “America Made Guitars” Indicates “this is false information”, indicating that he did not contribute anything INWELLEarly albums of “Because we wrote together [some of] Those songs are together. I actually wrote those songs,” he said. “Having him say, ‘I wrote every lyric, every melody,’ is absolutely false. His remarks came out of any anger or any one-off conversation he might be having, but when it’s put on words it can be very rude and very arrogant. So, of course, I wouldn’t take that kind of stuff too personal. “

The singer went on to say that false memories may be at least partly to blame INWELLcomment of. “INWELL no do all of them. “

He continued: “Joe Lynn [Turner] was a Very Strong collaborator on the album [‘Odyssey’] with him INWELL, like me, and some of the other singers he’s related to. Maybe things changed later and the others were basically just used to singing his words. I’m also on some songs. I mean, “I am a Viking”, I didn’t write a word or a melody on it. But what we do together is what we do together. And some of my own stuff is there – he doesn’t add or remove a single thing from it. So, again, it’s selective memory. It could be that he doesn’t want to talk about me, he has bad taste in my mouth, so he goes to great lengths to make sure everyone knows how underrated my character has been in his life and career. “

As for why he thinks Malmsteen has been making disparaging comments about him and other former singers in the media, soto Tell “America Made Guitars”: “If anyone knew INWELLThe… the end of the matter, his wife is running him. Over the years she has had more control over the people in his life, the people in his life, and it’s really sad to see so many of us being turned away. Slowly but surely, everyone in his past, including his band, myself, who actually had a good friendship and relationship with him, was dialed out. For whatever reason, whatever paranoia, we’ve all been pushed aside. I really do not understand. In fact, I have a great relationship with both of them, I just see more and more that they just push everyone away. They wanted their inner circle to be so small, and I never did anything to interrupt that circle.But there are other people around and I’m very close and very close and one of them is Marcel Jacobwho was the bass player at the time [Yngwie‘s] when I was in the band.we have a band called talisman about nineteen years until [Marcel] He took his own life in 2009.but he and INWELL There was a little conflict and they rocked my head for a few years until Marcel Actually passed away in 2009.When that happened, I thought, like anyone else who knew Marcelpeople in the band Europeso many people, big and small, admit Marcelthe past.everyone expects INWELL Do the same thing, and when he doesn’t it rubs everyone the wrong way, including myself. We try to get at least a statement or an acknowledgement, and when he not only doesn’t do it, but actually hangs up people, blocks them or changes his number so no one can reach him anymore, for me… …I put out a statement, which was probably back in their camp, saying, ‘For me, INWELL died. I don’t want to know or hear from him. “

soto Add to: “Marcel One of my best friends, if you can’t put water under a bridge when someone passes by, to me that’s just the weakest, childish way to deal with life. It must have gone back to his camp because suddenly I was eliminated. “

in the days to come INWELLoriginal interview Metal Varney Published on BLABBERMOUTH.NETseveral other former singers of the guitarist – including Joe Lynn Turner and Tim “The Ripper” Owens – Respond on social media, turner describe MalmsteenThe statement was “the rant of a megalomaniac desperately trying to justify his own insecurities.” This was followed by a rebuttal from one member INWELLmanagement team, they are Malmsteenof Facebook Three singers ‘come out angrily, spit insults and blasphemy’ at guitarist’s page because ‘INWELL Say something they don’t like. The management representative added: “It is very unfortunate that these singers hired in the past have to draw any kind of media attention to them through defamation and insults.” Such classless, childish rhetoric is ungentlemanly at best and absolutely disgraceful at worst. “

Hey my peeps, this is a funny little daddy! I went to the Canyon Club tonight, my past local watering hole…

Posted by Jeff Scott Soto exist Thursday, May 19, 2022

Hmm…I think some people are making up stories to be in the media again 🤨 Kids, don’t believe the BS people make up…

Posted by Official Yngwie Malmsteen exist Friday, May 20, 2022

After clarifying a few things, I’m going to put it on hold, God forbid anyone thinks I’m trying to agitate the media, especially…

Posted by Jeff Scott Soto exist Friday, May 20, 2022

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