Young and restless: Maria and Tessa officially marry, Diane breaks down

At the top of the tower, Emcee Kyle welcomed everyone to Maria Copeland and Tessa Potter’s wedding. He explained to guests that it would be “the trendiest, trendiest, worst wedding” they’ve ever been to. Everyone applauds Maria and Tessa.

Kyle asks Maria and Tessa to say their vows. Tessa goes first. She knew today would be the happiest day of her life because it was the day they started their married life together. She had given up on love, but Maria broke all her walls. She tearfully recalled how Maria had seen everything about her, the best and the worst, and embraced her completely. “Our connection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It fills my soul and inspires me.” Every note and lyric of every song is about her—what she’s learned about Love everything because of her. “I can’t wait to see our future…I promise to be your partner.” Maria exclaimed, with tears in her eyes, “Wow.”
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Maria took her turn and told Tessa she had wanted this for a long time. Growing up, such a wish did not come true for her. But a miracle happened – she found her mother. Sharon taught her about love, so when she showed up, she was ready for Tessa…even if she didn’t really know what was going on at first. They laughed. Maria recalls how she started learning more than just friendship. Everything feels so right. Maria is so grateful for Tessa in her life. “We’re here, dedicating our lives to each other, and about to start our own family.” She knows there will be good times and bad times, but she promises she’ll be by her side and hold her hand through it all. “There’s nothing we can’t do when we’re together. I love you and I’m yours…today, tomorrow and forever.”
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At Abbott’s mansion, Ellie stopped pacing the living room when the door opened. At the door, Summer struggled to get her luggage in. Ellie asks, “Do you need help?” Summer greets her and realizes that she must be Ellie. She introduces herself as Kyle’s wife. Ellie helps her with her affairs. Xia Xia pointed to her luggage and pointed out that she was her mother’s daughter. Ellie said, “Phyllis, right?” Summer nodded. Ellie talks about showing up to tense family meetings, before explaining that she met Summer’s mother in Los Angeles — and she’s one of the reasons she’s there now. They talk about Diane coming back to life. Summer notices that Kyle is really having a hard time and tells Ellie they need to get ready for the wedding. “You want to come with me, right?”
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At the top of the tower, with Diane staring out at the grounds, Kyle lets Tessa and Maria fulfill their vows, and they exchange “I do”. Kyle asks for the ring provided by Kevin and Christo. Tessa and Maria put them on each other’s fingers before Kyle announced that they were officially married. “You can kiss the bride now.” Maria and Tessa kissed eagerly as the guests cheered and applauded.
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At the Abbott Building, Ellie is reluctant to attend the wedding. Summer was sure she was invited, and if not, she could be her guest. Ellie wasn’t feeling well; she hadn’t even seen the happy couple. Summer scoffed that Maria certainly wouldn’t mind Ellie attending if she wanted her there. Ellie admits she appreciates Tessa’s music. Summer is so happy to see her, it will be a great party. Ellie is not the party type. Summer teases her that she can’t be alone in that big old house and convinces her to go in. She has a lot of fashion options from Milan.

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At the top of the tower, Maria and Tessa shared their first dance as a married couple as guests watched. Tessa told Maria, “We did it.” Maria replied, “Yes, we did it.” They told each other how amazing they looked and indulged in another kiss. Sharon looks on, interrupted by Nick, who knows she thinks Rey will like this and promises, “Here he is. He is with us. So is Cassie.”
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Elsewhere, Kevin tells Chloe that there was a time when he didn’t think Maria and Tessa’s relationship would last long, but the power of love conquered everything. Chloe took his arm and said their relationship should teach him that. She marvels that the wedding wasn’t even legal years ago, but no one even questions it now. “That’s the real power of love.” On the dance floor, Maria and Tessa had a great time expressing their love.
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As the wedding reception and dancing continue, Tessa tells Maria she needs a break.
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The happy couple was about to drink some champagne when Amanda, Devin, Abby and Chance stopped them from saying how much they loved them. Next to the bar, Noah greets Crystal and she tells him how great the venue looks. What Noah thinks is truly amazing is that she is by her sister’s side. He wondered what she was going to do with her newfound freedom and asked her to dance. She took his hand and said, “Lead the way.”
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When Summer and Ellie walked in, Jack and Phyllis were watching everyone lay on the ground. Kyle rushed to his wife and hugged her. Phyllis and Jack also ran to hug her. Jack is happy to see Ellie and guesses that Summer dragged her there. He took her away and introduced her to the people. Phyllis stayed with her daughter until she realized that Kyle and Summer wanted to be alone. In the corner, Diane watched Kyle kiss his wife.
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On the dance floor, Devin told Maria how happy the day was for her. She was glad he was there to celebrate. Devin summed up everything they went through together and exclaimed that she looked like she was glowing. Mariah wouldn’t be there without him, she wouldn’t be with Tessa without him, she wouldn’t feel this happiness… Mariah felt like she was going to cry again. Amanda and Tessa watched Devon and Maria embrace sincerely.

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Jack and Ellie mingle with Abby and Chance, who admires her dress. Allie credits Summer to Summer, and Abby replies firmly, “Of course.” Jack and Ellie walk away. Amanda and Phyllis get along on the couch. The redhead explains that Jack invited her. Amanda thinks they are more than just friends. Phyllis laughed and said he invited her because he knew Summer would be there. Amanda looked at her sideways, thoughtfully, “If you say so.”
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Maria and Tessa meet Ellie and welcome her. Ellie mentions summer, and Maria admits that she and Kyle are perfect together. Nearby, Nick and Faith greet Summer warmly, before Nick drags his young daughter away to give Summer and Kyle space. Kyle wanted to sit down and tell her what happened when they got home. As they hugged, Diane lurked. She jumped up when she realized, across the room, that Phyllis had spotted her.
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As the party continues, Abby meets Crystal and tells her that she heard what Rey was doing. When she’s in town, she’ll let the young woman know if she needs anything, and she’ll be happy to help. Noah chimed in that they were all happy to see her doing so well. Crystal heard that Abby got married and had children. Abby has never been so happy. Across the room, Chance approaches Sharon. He notices that she is standing alone most of the time and tells her that she should celebrate and dance too.
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Phyllis pulls Jack off the dance floor and warns him that Diane is there. She promises, “Don’t worry, I get it.” She thinks she just wants to see Kyle. Jack mumbled that she better not make trouble there. Phyllis won’t let her. Elsewhere, Summer congratulated the happy couple, saying everyone deserves happiness, “even you, Maria.” She hugged Tessa, walked in and hugged Maria, who backed away. She didn’t want to wrinkle her clothes. Summer tells them these skirts are perfect. “Much better than what you usually wear.” Maria said she would never change. Summer insists motherhood and marriage changed her. Maria will experience it too. “I just wish you and Tessa happiness.” Mariah still looked suspicious, but thanked Summer at the urging of Kyle and Tessa.
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Just then, Kyle noticed his mother. He defended himself, saying he had to deal with something. Kyle confronts Diane. First, she suddenly appeared in the house, and now she is there. “What are you going to do?” Diane denied she could do anything. Kyle doesn’t want this to become about her, so he’ll appreciate it if she leaves. Diane asked to say hello to Summer first. Kyle thinks it can wait. Diane mocked her for being her daughter-in-law. “It means a lot to me.”
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Kevin called everyone’s attention and toasted, saying the wedding perfectly captured the essence of the couple they both admired and adored. He knew it was a long way to get there, but he was glad they made it. Everyone there – you can feel it. “Your enthusiasm is contagious.” Guests cheered him as he announced the theme of the day was “Love conquers all” and raised his glass “To Maria and Tessa.” Mariah and Tessa thank you all for coming today. Maria added, “Even if it’s summer.” They teased that the festivities have been a bit lackluster so far, so it’s time for the real partying. Maria shouted, “Noah, hit it!” The music started and the dance continued. Maria and Tessa kiss and caress among their guests.

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