30 Farmers Markets in Alameda County

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It would be great if we could all grow everything we need to eat in our own backyard, but that’s not what every East Bay resident actually expects — and, let’s face it, after a while, just eat The food you grow might get a little boring. That’s where our plentiful local farmers markets step in, with a wide variety of produce (most grown within a decent drive) as well as fish, meat, cheese and pantry staples. Most local markets also offer prepared food and meals for those who can’t wait to enjoy them on-site.

This list covers all currently operating farmers markets in Alameda County.If you’re looking for markets elsewhere in the area, the California Department of Food and Agriculture has Regularly updated county-by-county spreadsheet of all certified markets in the state.

Berkeley Agricultural Market

South Berkeley Farmers Market
Adeline and 63rd Street
Tuesday 2-6:30pm, year round

A favorite of local chefs, this weekly market is known for its amazing offerings, but also for its support of local activists seeking attention.

Downtown Berkeley Farmers Market
Center Street and Martin Luther King Jr.
Saturday 10am to 3pm, all year round

This compact market offers plenty of local meats and produce, as well as an army of healthy food vendors for those who want to dine on-site.

North Berkeley Farmers Market
Shattuck Avenue on Rose Street
Thursday 3pm to 7pm, all year round

An all-organic market with some excellent cheese, olive oil and fruit suppliers.

Auckland Agricultural Market

AKOMA open air market
Emancipation Park (6955 Foothill Blvd)
1st and 3rd Sunday from 10am to 3pm, all year round

The market aims to support Black and brown farmers, manufacturers and suppliers through a variety of produce stands, food trucks and catering businesses.

free farmers market
Shattuck Avenue and 46th Street
Second Saturday from December 11th to June 11th from 9am to 2pm
June 11-November 12 Every Saturday 9am-2pm

Access to affordable organic products is the goal of this marketplace, which makes room for historically marginalized farmers across the state.

Fruit Valley Village Farmers Market
San Leandro Street and 35th Avenue, near BART
Tuesday and Thursday 11am-7pm, Sunday 8am-3:30pm, all year round

This market highlights fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as prepared meals and fast food from local suppliers.

Great Lakes Farmers Market
Grand Avenue and Lake Parkway
Saturday 9am to 2pm, all year round

Great Lakes Farmers Market has a picturesque location Splash Pad Park It also showcases local produce, flowers, coffee, pastries and prepared foods.

Jack London Square Farmers Market
Webster Street and Embarcadero West
Sunday 9am-2pm, all year round

With its abundance of colorful produce and prepared food vendors, this market’s waterfront location makes it particularly scenic.

3801 Howe St. (in front of the Fabiola Building)
Friday 10am-2pm, April-October

Located in the Oakland Kaiser parking lot, this market is a great option for families with young children.

Montclair Village
Moraga Avenue and LaSalle Avenue
Sunday 9am-1pm, all year round
The farmers market at Montclair Village sells seasonal produce, flowers, pastries and more.

old oakland
Ninth Street between Broadway and Clay Streets
Friday, 8am-2pm, all year round

Located in historic downtown Auckland, this farmers market is perfect for those who want to buy local produce and make a stop in Auckland’s Chinatown.

5300 Claremont Avenue (at DMV)
Sunday 9am-1pm, all year round

Not only does Temescal’s farmers market feature fresh local produce, but on the second and fourth Sundays of every month, it also offers participants the opportunity to sharpen their knives. The market also features local textile and clothing manufacturers every other week.

west auckland
18th Street and Peralta Street
Sunday 10am to 2pm, all year round, Grand opening on June 5

The new West Auckland Farmers Market will showcase locally grown fruit and vegetables as well as dairy, meat, seafood, local coffee and freshly baked pastries.


Farmers market figs. Credit: Felicity O’Meara


Alameda Farmers Market
710 Haight Avenue, Webster Street
Saturday and Tuesday 9am-1pm, all year round

this West Alameda Business Association Co-sponsor this market, so expect a strong team of local suppliers. Pro tip: Parking is pretty tight at this market, so if you can find some other way to get there (bikes, ferries, teleporters), go for it.

Castro Valley

Castro Valley Farmers Market
Castro Valley BART Station Parking
Saturday 9am-1pm, all year round

Everything on this market is grown or made in California, from dairy and eggs to meats and cheeses to a farm-focused lineup of certified organic products.


Dublin Farmers Market
Emerald Canyon Park (4201 Central Pkwy)
Thursday 4pm-8pm, April 7-September. 29

This market features outstanding fresh pasta makers, Central Valley nut growers and produce grown within miles of its idyllic park setting.

El Cerrito

El Cerrito Farmers Market
Southwest corner of El Cerrito Plaza shopping center parking lot (2000-8000 El Cerrito Pl.)
Tuesday and Saturday from 9am to 1pm, all year round

This venerable market has been in the game since 1994 and features a large number of California certified growers from the Bay Area and beyond.


Irvington Farmers Market
Bay Street and Trimboli Road
Sunday 9am-2pm, all year round

This market has a plethora of stone fruit farmers, locally made cheesecakes and fully ripe avocados.

37573 Niles Blvd.
Saturday 10am to 2pm, all year round

a part of West Coast Farmers Market Market Association, Fremont’s Niles Market is one of the smaller markets on this list, and while it does have a few farm stands, it’s more geared toward prepared foods and retail vendors.


Hayward Farmers Market
City Hall Square (Watkins Street between B and C Streets)
Saturday 9am-1pm, all year round

Keep an eye out for locally caught seafood, eggs from nearby farms, and a mix of local and organic produce.




Newark Farmers Market
New Park Mall parking lot
Sunday 9am-1pm, all year round

The Marin Agricultural Research Institute, which oversees the market, says it is “one of the most diverse farmers markets in the East Bay” with more than 55 vendors each week. If you can’t find it, head over to Burlington Coat Factory and Macy’s, it’s there.


Pleasanton Farmers Market
46 W. Angela Street
Saturday 9am-1pm, all year round

This mid-sized market (about 20-25 vendors) has some of the easiest parking spots in the area, with a huge selection of vegetables and berries.


Richmond Certified Farmers Market
24th Street and Barrett Avenue
Friday, 8am-5pm, all year round

This market has been peddling fresh produce since 1984, with an emphasis on locally grown fruit and fresh eggs.

New Approach to Mobile Markets
Nevin Avenue and Civic Center Square (in front of the Public Library)
Wednesday 10am to 1pm

The Fresh Approach mobile farmers market operates out of trucks and parks in front of the Richmond Public Library. Trucks display baskets full of seasonal produce each week.

San Leandro

Gulf Center Market
Fairmont Street and E 14th Street (King Lot in Bayfair Centre)
Saturday 9am-1pm, all year round

The market is the regional market for the San Leandro, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo and Hayward areas and features more than 45 farm stands including corn from Brentwood and Watsonville berries.

Downtown San Leandro
300 Estudillo Avenue.
Wednesday, April 6th to October 5th, 3pm to 7pm

This market has as many as 30 vendors serving local fresh produce as well as San Leandro’s own hummus paradise. The market also showcases local honey, dumplings and live music each week.

Union City

Old Alvarado/Cesar Chavez Park
Smith Street and Watkins Street
Saturday 9am-1pm, all year round

Located in Old Alvarado Park, this market offers fresh seasonal produce, seafood, succulents and prepared foods like frozen dumplings to take home.