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Should the Eagles be interested in trading Bengals’ Jesse Bates? – The Voice of Philadelphia
Will a second-round pick and a versatile starting guard, Isaac Seumalo, appease Cincinnati? I think that’s a trade the Hawks would make. They probably won’t give up their 2023 first-round picks, which are explicitly earmarked for quarterback insurance in case Jalen Hurts doesn’t make substantial progress in 2022. As for the money, Marcus Williams is a player whose game is similar to Bates, so his five-year, $70 million deal with the Ravens feels like the floor. Because Betts is already guaranteed nearly $13 million on the franchise tag, the Eagles have to beat it. A new deal worth about $15 million a year feels good. Again, I expect the 2022 cap on any new deals to be low. So all in all, to answer the question in the title, yes, the Hawks should be interested in trading Jesse Bates.

Eagle Mailbag: How Much Does It Cost to Get Jesse Bates? – NBCSP
1. The Bengals want a first-round pick. It would be crazy that they don’t start there, especially when they talk to the Hawks, who have two first-round picks in 2023. In 2020, the Jets traded Jamal Adams to Seahawks and received a first-round pick, and in 2019 dolphin Trade Minka Fitzpatrick to steelers and a first-round pick. So even if Betts is inferior to those two, the Bengals will be asking for a first-round pick. But that might be too rich for the Hawks, even with two first-rounders next season. Are the Hawks willing to give up a 2023 second-round pick? Yes, that would be more appealing. They may need to add to the deal with a Day 3 pick or player, though. 2. This offseason, the Ravens signed Williams to a five-year, $70 million contract. His $14 APY ranks seventh among NFL safety players. Justin Reed got a $10.5 million contract this offseason. If the Hawks are to trade Bates, the annual salary of this new contract needs to reach about $14 million. In fact, the Williams trade was a good template for Bates. Of course, the Hawks think Williams is overpaid, so they’d have to prefer Bates to Williams to sign a similar deal, except they’d have to trade him for anything.

Jessie Bates skips OTAs amid franchise tag frustration, training camp, per report – Cincy Jungle
Despite his resurgence at the end of the season, the Bengals failed to agree on a contract extension before the March 8 team tag deadline. They have a new deadline of July 15 to sign Bates for the foreseeable future, but if Bates uses his last form of leverage to hold on, the two sides appear to be nowhere near a new deal. Distance. The Bengals are better defensively when Betts patrols in midfield, but they don’t come close to Betts’ price. That could lead to teams calling him a bluff, or Betts never playing in Cincinnati again. We’ll find out in July and the next few weeks.

It’s all in Jalen Hurts in 2022 – BGN
It’s all on Jalen Hurts. All of the Hawks’ offense this season will revolve around injuries. Every bit of the Hawks’ success hinges on Hertz’s performance. Every tier they make in the playoffs will depend on how Hurts plays. Injury is ready for everything. After showing interest in Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis, the Hawks showed their trust in him. They traded a first-round pick for game-breaking 6-foot-1, 225-pound receiver AJ Brown. Partnering with DeVonta Smith, the Eagles may have the best starting receiver duo in the NFC East. The damage will be behind one of the best offensive lines in football. The Eagles bolstered their offensive line by drafting Cam Jurgens, the replacement for Nebraska’s Jason Kelce. The Eagles also pitched 494 in 17 regular-season games in 2021, the fewest of any team in the NFL. There may be a reason for this. The coaching staff wants to take incremental steps in Hertz’s progress as a passer. They dote on hurt. Part of the media and fan base did the same, explaining that 2021 feels like a rookie season for Hertz because he’s playing so late in 2020 to ease the leaked Carson Wentz. The excuse is gone. Not surprisingly, the first to come forward was Hurts.

James Bradbury reaction + Did the Eagles pass the Cowboys? – BGN radio
The Birdies have filled a huge roster void with their new cornerback signing! How strong can this Eagles team be? Are they already winning the NFC East more than the defending division champs? Brandon Lee Gowton and Jimmy Kempski react to the latest news and compare rosters in this episode.

AJ Brown says his peace is threatened because he was traded – PFT
Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown released a statement today saying he has unspecified concerns about fans’ reaction to his trade from the Titans. Apparently, Brown referred to a football camp in Tennessee that he decided to pull out of, saying he was sorry for the kids who attended the camp, but he felt he had no choice because some Tennessee adults have been terrified of Tennessee since he moved. The action he took went to Philadelphia.

Report: Multiple sources claim Colts are in a deal for Super Bowl-winning quarterback Nick Foles – Stampede Blue
There will be some Colts fans who don’t like how things are going, but that’s what Chris Ballard-led football looks like to be “all in.” The Colts bring their best pass rusher in years, the best quarterback they’ve had since Andrew Luck retired, and bet on the cornerback’s Defensive Player of the Year, filling them in With all the holes in the draft, now they’re looking to add a legitimate backup at the most important position in the game. They clearly believe that the time when they argue is now. What that means to Sam Ehlinger is anyone’s guess. They trusted Ellinger enough to make him the team’s primary backup a season ago, and in hindsight, it looks like they were poised to lose a lot of games if Carson Wentz missed most of the season. Everything shows the team loves Ehlinger and what he brings to the table, so we’ll see if they carry three quarterbacks in the regular season.

Why Patriots’ coaching title doesn’t matter; Plus, NFL’s top five cornerbacks, Saints’ Reborn offense – NFL.com
Where is Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs? Despite leading the league with 11 interceptions in 2021, the third-year pro didn’t make the cut due to the ebb and flow nature of his game. Diggs gave up too many big moves and had to lower his burn rate to earn a spot in the elite. While I like his skill and playmaking as a ‘clue’ corner with excellent vision, he has to show better discipline and awareness to get an A+ in screen corners.

Another Argument for Tony Pollard’s Acceptance of Most of Ezekiel Elliott’s Contact – Blog Boy
this Dallas Cowboys There is a decision about Ezekiel Elliott. It’s not a question of releasing him after the 2022 season because of his contract volume. They have an out after 2022 that they might use to get some cap relief and stop paying top dollar for a position that isn’t really worth the high price. But that’s about a year later. Another decision they have to make with Elliott is this fall, how much minutes they should give him this season and how much they should give Tony Pollard. On ESPN, Bill Barnwell dives into what to expect from some high-priced running backs in the 2022 season, including Elliott. First, he points out that the Cowboys have recently stopped being a running team and are now more in line with the NFL’s passing averages. The reason, he observed, could be a drop in Elliott’s production.

The Big Blue View Mailbag: Cap Issues, Twitter Hacking, Darius Slayton, and More – Big Blue View
So, Jones? I think there’s a good chance that Terrod Taylor will be the Giants’ starter in the first week of next season. I like Jones and wish him success, but I think the Giants will consider the price of the quarterback (franchise tag is $31.497 million) and if Jones is good enough to be worth a long-term deal, the annual value could be higher , and think they want to do better for that kind of money. Odds? Let’s say 60 to 40 years old, he has a 60% chance of being somewhere else in 2023.

Should Ron Rivera bring ‘People’s Corner’ Jimmy Moreland to Washington? – Pig Haven
Should Ron Rivera try to bring back a player he only released 9 months ago, a fan favorite but his two seasons in Washington were middling from the PFF and unable to finish at 4? -13 score to play Texans 2021? Do you think Rivera regretted his decision to abandon him last September, or did Jimmy Morland’s boat sail out of the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay for good? [BLG Note: The Eagles previously had interest in signing Moreland in September last year.]

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