A simple diet and structured exercise program helped this man lose 100 pounds

Javier Hernandez

Courtesy of Javier Hernandez

Simple changes can have profound effects on your health. After hitting a low point after a bad breakup, Javier Hernandez is determined to turn things around. Here, he explains his turning point — and the meaningful changes he made to his diet and exercise program to get the best out of his life.

Javier Hernandez has always hated the heavy, but the breakup only inspired him to make a change. “Things got really bad. She cheated on me and it put me in a state of depression,” he said. “I hate what I see in the mirror. I hate my life and I know I’m sad. I think if I want to get better, I need to work on myself from the inside out.”

Like many who are starting their weight loss journey, Hernandez isn’t quite sure where to start. Money was also tight, so he knew he had to be resourceful.

“I make barely enough money to pay my bills. I’ll pretend to live near apartment complexes that have gyms and use their equipment,” he said. “Once I could afford it, I joined LA Fitness, which was even better because I was able to push myself harder and lift heavier weights.”

Courtesy of Javier Hernandez

Courtesy of Javier Hernandez

Next, Hernandez focused on his diet, cutting out unhealthy, more expensive foods in favor of alternatives Whole Foods This has helped him achieve his workout goals while saving money each month.

“I use common sense. Fried food has to go,” he said. “If I want to build muscle, I have to increase my protein intake, choose more whole foods, and definitely stay away from fast food restaurants.” He also uses protein powder creatively, which helps him cope with sweet tooth cravings.

Develop a clear list of goals What he wants to achieve also helps him stay motivated. He instituted a strict 7-day routine and followed it throughout the week. “When it comes to my workouts, I know I don’t want to be skinny. I want to be strong and fit, so lifting weights is very important.”

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He’d look at magazine routines — ahem, like men’s health– Get a better idea of ​​what a beginner-friendly workout program looks like. “Monday is chest and triceps, Tuesday is back and biceps, Wednesday is legs, Thursday is arms, Friday is shoulders. Saturday is two hours of cardio and abs. Sunday is legs again , and repeat,” he said.

This structured fitness program is combined with a strict diet Whole Foods and Protein-Rich Meals Helped him lose an average of 12 pounds per month. “I saw the most drastic changes in my upper body,” he said. “My arms, my chest and especially my back in general.” The transition was so swift at first that his doctor was cautious. Over time, Hernandez adopted a more stable (and more importantly, sustainable) scheme to achieve his goals.

Since then, his strength has been so great that he now competes Fitness and bodybuilding competitions. He’s exactly where he wants to be — under 200 pounds — but he says his journey isn’t over.

Courtesy of Javier Hernandez

Courtesy of Javier Hernandez

“Things in your life don’t always go smoothly, some things are never in your control, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get through it. You can learn a lot if you take the time to study and read Stuff. I’m trying to make my frame bigger and stronger.

He also has some simple advice for anyone who is considering starting their own weight loss regimen and may be looking for some extra motivation. “Keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate the journey,” he said. “Take a journal. Write everything down — what you eat, how you feel. If things aren’t going the way you want, make adjustments. It’s not perfection, it’s progress.”

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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