Vasa Fitness opens in former Pick ‘n Save in New Berlin

New Berlin – latest entry The growing fitness industry in New Berlin Did some heavy lifting to convert a vacant hypermarket into something useful.

Vaasa FitnessIt unveiled its new 60,000-square-foot Berlin Coliseum on June 1 at a media-oriented gathering that will soon open in a long-vacant former Pick ‘n Save at 13995 W. National Ave.

The facility is the Utah-based club’s first in Wisconsin and ranks 49th overall, with only a handful in Illinois, making Vasa – a name derived from Latin meaning “vessel”, In this case referring to the human body – being a relatively newcomer to the area. fitness industry.

But in New Berlin, it’s the fourth gym entry in the past three years — all along or near State Avenue — following the introduction of the Greater Waukesha County YMCA. Facilities for Seniors close to the city center, OAW Indoor Sports Venue on Racine Avenue, and public-private partnership Support a city-owned recreation center with Burghardt Sporting Goods.

What’s in the new club?

Vassar representatives said the new facility offers a gym that caters to all fitness enthusiasts at an affordable price with a wide range of equipment, programs and studios.

Haley McCoy, Vasa’s national brand manager, says New Berlin appears to fit Vasa’s fitness strategy, which builds memberships in a low-cost way: $9.99 a month for basic membership, $21.99 a month for membership that includes group fitness classes, including special events Membership $39.99 Studio.

“There are other gyms around, but we feel like we can make a difference here, not only at our price point and making it a convenient location … but we really want it to be a place where people can hang out and A place to meet friends,” she said. “It’s a great location.”

Mindi Bridges, chief marketing officer at Vasa, said that aside from basic demographics, New Berlin was a good fit from a marketing standpoint.

“There are no (high-value, low-priced) competitors in this space,” Bridges said, noting the competition Vasa gets from Planet Fitness in other markets. “So, for us, it’s a competitive advantage.”

Right at the front door and within the spacious lobby, the layout of the club is immediately apparent.

Directly ahead is the complete circuit of the Life Fitness Muscle Isolation Machine. On the left is a long row of cardio machines and a large expanse of core-oriented weights, a free weight area and green lawn training area. This central area is part of the gym and is open to those with a basic membership.

Behind the walls along the perimeter of the club are rooms for members with additional fitness goals.

The group fitness room, bike studio, three-lane pool and sauna, basketball court, hydromassage lounge and light therapy room are open to those with a membership of $21.99.

Studio Red Room and Studio Flow Infrared Yoga Room are open to guests on the $39.99 package.

One Pages on the Vaasa website Includes a video overview and rates of the New Berlin Club as well as other information including registration links. Bridges said she expects the club to have about 2,500 new members when it opens.

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Vasa turns old Pick ‘n Save into new gym

For the new city of Berlin, Vaasa’s entry provides the community with another fitness business, as well as a financial fitness element.

Gary Spalla, President New Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Tourismnoted during the June 1 ribbon-cutting ceremony and a tour of how Vasa invested time and money in transforming a rundown, vacant hypermarket into a vibrant gym.

McCoy said the decision to revamp the old Pick ‘n Save is in line with what Vasa has done elsewhere in the past.

“We usually go to an old grocery store or something (similar) because it has the infrastructure but it’s fairly open inside,” she said. “We can make it what we need because we don’t need a lot of walls.”

Bridges said the former supermarket on Sunnyslope Road and National Avenue was an ideal location for Vasa, with plenty of available interior space.

“We need large tracts of real estate (in New Berlin),” she said. “We like 60,000 square feet because we like open space and we like enough equipment for everyone to use what they want.”

Mayor Dave Ament, who has been cheering the city’s development for the past two years into a new Berlin event and entertainment hub, which itself is celebrating Opening of the first phase On June 4, he said that as the gates opened, residents would soon realize it.

“New Berlin is fortunate to offer its residents so many different opportunities to engage in many indoor or outdoor sports, fitness and so many other activities for all abilities and ages,” said Ament. “These facilities enhance the quality of life for everyone, from our young to the elderly, of all abilities. We are delighted that Vasa will add to the many options New Berlin has to offer.”

Ament has previously said the city may find itself partnering with private fitness businesses to promote community health. Vaasa officials are open to this.

“Vasa has not had conversations with the city about the joint venture, but (Vasa officials) said they are very much looking forward to connecting with city officials and being part of the new Berlin fitness community,” said advocacy agency Jaime Cottini, a Vasa representative .

The stadium’s grand opening, scheduled for June 4 and June 11, has been pushed back further as staff tidy up locker rooms, Courtini said. The opening date will be announced on its website later.

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