actors who nailed and failed at accents in movies

There are good and bad accents – and then there’s Keanu Reeves Dracula.

An actor’s accent is often crucial to their role as a real person or from a part of the world known for a particular accent.

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We’ve all played with accents as fools, but perhaps never realized how difficult it is to make it believable. I’m not an accent expert, but luckily the internet has provided me with one.

In this article, I will refer to Eric SingerA dialect coach who has been in the industry for over 15 years, is a technical review WIRED breaks all types of accents. For some of these shots, I’d follow his video, though since some of the actors didn’t even try it, bad accents were quickly spotted.

Here is my list of 10 amazing and scary accents from actors. Fair warning, I’m not including some of the offensive depictions of minorities in earlier films because it’s all too clear how bad the accents and imitations are.

Start with the best…


Jamie Foxx — Rays

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This incredible performance by Jamie Foxx not only earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor, but his career rose to the stratosphere as his skill set as a singer, actor and impressionist was on display. The way he captures Ray Charles’ southern accent and the distinct harshness in his voice enhances his overall performance. His skills as an Impressionist go a step further than this film, check out his latest impression of Dave Chappelle to see if it doesn’t make your jaw drop to the ground.


Philip Seymour Hoffman — Capote

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Another great real-life performance by the late great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, similar to Mr. Fox, also won him an Oscar. He was able to capture Truman’s distinctive voice and demeanor, and it never breaks in the film, a very difficult task in the eyes of most dialect coaches, especially in a theatrical setting.


Heath Ledger — Brokeback Mountain

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Although one of Heath Ledger’s greatest performances was in dark KnightLedger’s portrayal of the Wyoming Cowboy in the film Brokeback Mountain Demonstrated his ability to master very specific accents. Yes, he’s used an American accent before, but this one seems to be popular.


Matthew Reese — American

TV 20

What is usually not disputed is that the British and Australian actors have the extraordinary ability to speak American accents. Matthew Rhys showcases the Welsh-born actor’s talents as a Russian spy pretending to be an American.Dialect coach points out Eric Singer In his critique of Rhys’ performance, Matt landed perfectly, even in language that British actors often struggle to understand. No wonder why he won the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series.


Connor Trinell — made in America

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There are many impressions of the former president, but none better than Connor Trinnier. made in America. When he talks to Barry about becoming a pilot in the Air National Guard, the change in his words shows how well he has perfected George W. Bush’s Texas accent. While not as household name as some of the others on this list, it should be pointed out how well Trinneer did in his short film with Cruise.


Angelina Jolie – Maleficent


Many praised Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of Disney’s iconic villain, one of the better British accents used by an American actor.We’ve seen Julie since she was in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The film showcases her growth and skills as an actress.


Daniel Day-Lewis — exist father’s name

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No list of accents would be complete without Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis.He has done several great accents Gangs of New York, Blood is Coming, Lincoln, wait, but Daniel nailed his Irish accent in father’s nameHis Belfast accent is impressive, but not surprising, considering his acting is the reason he’s won so many damn awards and always puts on a captivating performance.


Daniel Kaluuya — go out

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2017 go out Let’s get our first look at Jordan Peele as a director and introduce America to Daniel Kaluuya, a leading man and an extraordinary actor.His Brooklyn accent is so refined that many people don’t know he’s British, similar to Idris Elba’s Baltimore accent in electric wire. Kaluuya would also later portray Chicago activist Fred Hampton, Judah and the black Messiah, In this film, he received critical acclaim not only for his performance, but also for the specific rhythm and accent he learned for the role.


Andrew Lincoln — walking dead

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“Coral” has long been a meme about Andrew Lincoln’s character saying his son’s name “Carl,” but his actual performance as a Georgia sheriff who finds himself in a zombie apocalypse has been steady. Say what you think about the show, but I found his accent to be either applauded by fans or hated by haters, which I always thought was fine, it’s nice to see a professional dialect coach giving him flowers.


Benedict Cumberbatch – black mass

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Many people remember Johnny Depp’s transformation into notorious gangster Betty Bulger. Still, Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Whitey’s younger brother and former statesman Billy Bulger underscores his acute sensitivity to accents, as he perfectly captures the famous Boston accent as well as the rhythm and tone. This is yet another example of a British actor being able to portray a specific accent that even American actors struggle with.

Now get ready for bad things…


Tom Cruise – distance

Universal Pictures

Not everyone can be Daniel Day-Lewis and have the perfect Irish accent, although I’ll give him an A+ for the effort. Cruise just couldn’t keep up with his accent, sounding more like the goblin from a “Lucky Charm” ad when he spoke.


Christopher Lambert — Highlander

Thorn EMI screen entertainment

Since Connery was already on the roster for another film, I wanted to focus on the male lead, Mr Christopher Lambert, who just never got the Scottish accent his character should have. When it comes to his accent, you’d think he could learn something from Mr. Connery, but unfortunately, it never made it to the screen.


Nicolas Cage — Kang Air

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One of my favorite ’90s action movies, like many action movies from that era, may not be the best in terms of acting, but the premise is still interesting to me. Hearing Nicolas Cage’s accent makes me laugh, Eric Singer Details why his accent is not credible, but to me it sounds like the typical southern accent that people use when trying to laugh at southerners.


Kevin Costner — Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Warner Bros.

My favorite Robin Hood movie will always be Robin Hood: The man in the straitjacket. It’s super fun, but it also does a nice shot of the previous movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves About Costner’s Lack of Accents. Even though Costner’s performance as the lead was definitely the worst, the overall cast didn’t really master the British accent either. Rumor has it that director Kevin Reynolds didn’t like Costner’s British accent and told him to drop it, but you can still hear Costner’s American accent mixed with a bad British accent in some of his scenes sound.


John Malkovich — Circus

Miramax Films

It seems that Irish accents and Russian accents seem to be the most difficult to express and disconnect from reality. John’s performance here seems to be more of a comedy than a realistic one. The line, “He hit me straight up and gave this guy his money.” is just ridiculous, although the movie is generally good.


Sean Connery – looking for red october

Paramount Pictures

Another attempt by a high-level actor who just did it wrong. Unfortunately for Connery, who was supposed to play the Russian captain, he was more of a Scot than anyone else.It can be seen from his role Highlander That accent might not be within his skill set, but he still tried it out in this film. While the movie is still good, I can’t help cringing whenever Connery delivers his lines.


Keanu Reeves — Dracula of Bramstock

Columbia Pictures

I’m a huge fan of Keanu and his past movies, but his accent work has never been great. Devil’s Advocate Gave us one of the worst shows with a southern Florida accent, but Dracula of Bramstock Gave us one of the worst British accents in a movie to date. I’m sure you can give me some other examples, but this one really worked. It’s just exaggerated, almost like a parody, and painful to watch.


Jon Walter — python

Sony Pictures

Apparently Jon Voight is confusing Paraguay with Cuba because it looks like he’s trying to use a really bad Cuban accent in this movie and it turns out creepy. He probably didn’t have the proper time to prepare, maybe it’s the best attempt at accent, but oh my gosh this sounds like a nail on a blackboard.


Gerard Butler — PS: I love you

Warner Bros.

Now I must say, Gerard Butler Apologize In the film with Tom Cruise and Sean Connery, one of the people with the worst Irish accent is recognized as the Irish people. Unfortunately for Butler, his Scottish accent is so strong that he has it in almost every movie, so it’s hard to believe he’s not Scottish, but with that said, he still managed to win some Fan – Favorite movie, he’s still entertaining regardless of his accent.


James Vanderbeek — college blues

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from his success Dawson Creek, James van der Beek led the film with the late Paul Walker and Scott Cain. The only problem is that no one seems to have thought about what a Texan accent would sound like. While everyone sucks, James seems to just hurt my ears the most because he has the most lines in the movie. It’s another accent performance that looks like a comedy sketch.

What do you think of this list? Do you have some actors with good or bad accents that impress you? Let us know in the comments below.

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