‘American Idol’ 2022 finalist Noah Thompson doesn’t reveal everything about his past

Noah Thompson It never occurred to me that I would stand on the cusp of stardom. but now, American idol finalists Gained the support of many in pursuit of ABC’s ultimate title singing competition performance. whether Noah was declared next American idol winnerhis fan base will surely continue to follow his musical journey.

when American idol Season 5 (Full Season 20) Premiere, Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan Immediately impressed with the 19-year-old singer. Noah, from Louisa, Kentucky, revealed that he was a construction worker who ended up in front of them because of his best friend, ArthurAfter noticing his singing talent while working side by side as a construction worker, Arthur signed Noah to a virtual audition for “American Idol” and recorded his songs.

“us [were] Actually hanging drywall at work and he told me he was going to sign it for me,” Noah recalls When he auditioned in Texas in person. “I said, ‘No, you’re not.’ But he did it anyway.” When Arthur was asked why he made the leap of faith on behalf of his friend, he shared that it was the push Noah needed — Noah agreed.

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“As a kid, all I wanted was to play music, to be famous. But where I’m from, you don’t really get a lot of opportunities,” Noah said artificial intelligence“My family, they believed in me. The people I worked with believed in me. But I never believed in myself…I would never sign for something like this. I’ve never had that confidence. Knowing someone believes you win It’s pretty cool that you believe in yourself.”

Although from a small town Population about 2,000 people, Arthur still encourages Noah to dream big. The pair started posting videos a few months before he won Hollywood tickets. Published by Noah in June 2021 The first TikTok sing by yourself Rihanna“Stay.” He sang R&B ballads out loud from a construction site.

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Noah won’t share more videos of herself singing until fall Morgan Warrenthe “cover me” and Cody Johnson“you have nothing”.Like Rihanna’s cover, Noah plays a familiar tune American idol Stage, including “Painted Blue”.

During Hollywood Week, Noah spoke more about his support system at home.Aspiring artist and his girlfriend Angel Dixon there is a man named Walker“My little boy, he’s what I’ve been fighting for for all this,” he said on the show. “It’s amazing that I’m even here. This could give me the opportunity to give my son a whole new, better life.”

According to her Instagram, the two have been together for several years their first Instagram post Back to September 2018. Since entering the first 24 rounds, Noah has repeatedly mentioned his partner, even citing her as the reason he chose to sing Rihanna’s “Stay.” “It’s not a song I usually sing, but it reminds me of coming home because that’s what my girlfriend Angel and I would sing together,” Noah says.

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On May 13, Noah announced he released a new song Called “Tonight’s Day”.It came out a few hours later and he earned a spot American idolof the top three, the song quickly landed iTunes Top 10 Country Music Songs Among Morgan Warren’s other hits, Walker Hayes and Kane Brown. In case you can’t get enough of Noah’s original music, the singer released a 13-track album in March 2018 called . There is no way I can go.

no doubt American idol Fans have seen Noah come out of his shell. We can’t wait to see if he can win the title and what his future holds.

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