Draymond Green: Basketball’s biggest troll and the soul of the Warriors Golden State Warriors

largeIn Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors, the Grizzlies home fans must have done their best to piss off the NBA’s No. 1 pest. About 18,000 fans spun towels on the Warriors’ bench — and chanted as the PA played the local national anthem, Whoop That Trick. Given the deafening roar in the FedEx Forum, with the home team leading by 46 points, you’d think the Warriors’ frustration could be forgiven. But in the midst of this madness, Draymond Green is firmly in his element: dancing to the beat, waving a towel, and literally yelling.

There is a lot of debate about who is the best player left in the NBA playoffs. But there is no doubt who is the most annoying. For the past decade, the Warriors’ diminutive power forward has been a 6-foot-6 thorn in the eyes of all opponents.exist Wednesday night’s Western Conference finals opener Against the Dallas Mavericks, Green went back to his familiar shenanigans — bending the court after a tough finish at the rim, sprinting for a cross to block a 3-pointer, lobbying the referees or else for a 112-87 home win for the Warriors Annoying. Green’s official contribution – 10 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, etc. Chef’s Kiss Mavs’ Dorian Finney-Smith’s closing shot — barely capturing the pain he’s going to face. If anything, these playoffs are a reminder that the 32-year-old former Michigan State standout set the tone for such a severe migraine for the Warriors.

In the Western Conference semifinals against Memphis, Green was just a hound and kept trying. Patience, that’s all. He was eliminated from Game 1 after beating Grizzlies big man Brandon Clark. Minutes into the second game, Green grabbed Xavier Tillman’s elbow while grabbing the ball. As the FedEx Forum crowd cheered, Green turned them over. (“I could have a concussion or anything,” Green complained, but he didn’t.) But he came back quickly and played with Memphis in six games for Golden State, ending two. In the offseason of 2008, hit the knockout. Finals – an exception Green described as “miserable”.

In Golden State’s first-round matchup with Denver, Green faced his toughest challenge of the year: checking on Nikola Jokic. During the regular season, Green missed a personal-worst 29 games, including four against Denver, with a back injury — leading to speculation that Jokic (two-time league MVP with a 5-inch and 50-pound advantage) ) will become too much for even Green, who was once the Defensive Player of the Year. Ultimately, Green didn’t stop Jokic entirely, but he did slow the Serb to stop the Nuggets’ offense from going well and wiped them off the floor in five games. What’s more, Green joins LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Larry Bird as the only players in playoff history with 200 steals and 10 triple-doubles.

Afterward, Green hugged Jokic on the court and thanked him for making him a better player. “It’s an honor and a pleasure to play against someone so skilled,” Green then gushed to the media.Got amazingly high ratings an awesome trash talker. Elsewhere: Green pissed off a Portland player for not shooting to protect performance bonuses and is known for hitting back at Paul Pierce during the Clippers games after hall of fame slammed green and golden state lead 3-1 2016 Finals against Cleveland. “You can’t go without a farewell tour,” Green cried. “They don’t love you that much. You thought you were Kobe.”

Draymond Green
Draymond Green sets the tone for the Warriors with a migraine. Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As courtside reporter for this year’s All-Star Game, Green rated host Cleveland as “not so good” and declined to name Utah center Rudy Gobert, Green’s main contender for the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year. By.Green goes to Drake and Nicki Minaj; just a week ago, Green called former center Kendrick Perkins an ‘ogre’ for hinting he was afraid to shoot and lashed out at ESPN Reese Russo told him shut up and play(“America is sick of Draymond Green,” Russo denounced.) “I’m not a guy who actually draws out the race card a lot,” Green said on his podcast, “but it definitely has racism in it. meaning.”

For years, Green has held a grudge against Charles Barkley, who was once accused of his “three orders“Performance. So it figured that Green joined Barkley outside Chase Stadium following the Warriors’ easy Game 1 win over Dallas, with a crowd of Dubs fans chanting “Barkley sucks.” When the TNT analyst, who played against the Warriors in this series, hit back about how much he hated the Bay Area, Green didn’t miss a beat. “This district hates you!” quipped Green, who is already considered a Barkley anchor. Of course, he has done too much, claiming that his job is “Save the media industry. “

Green isn’t just a throwback to old-school saddle burrs like Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, and Rick Fox; he’s a classic wrestling heel, constantly needling with his sharp tongue and sharper elbows. As a basketball prodigy, Green takes himself very seriously, unabashedly calling himself “best defender ever. “While any remark to put Green with James, Bill Russell or David Robinson sounds reckless at this moment, he’s arguably the best defender in the playoffs with his versatility. Will be key to Warriors game plan vs. Luka Doncic — arguably the best attack Players who leave in the playoffs. While they didn’t quite match up in Game 1, it was only a matter of time before the player who didn’t shoot and the player who didn’t defend exchanged barbs. When that conflict finally came, the crowd inevitably rushed in to shout the biggest troll in basketball, expecting Green to maintain the same energy.

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