Get rid of belly fat with these secret cardio tips — eat this not that, says trainer

Losing belly fat is the most common fitness goal in people’s exercise programs.Burning fat and losing weight requires serious attention to three things, including a calorie-deficient diet, acting Strength Trainingand enter your Aerobic exercise. We are here to help you get rid of belly fat with some super effective methods, Secret Cardio Tips. So without further ado, put on your tracksuit and let’s get started.

Strength training is a key factor when you’re targeting stubborn belly fat. In fact, I recommend planning at least two to three strength training sessions per week, with cardio in between. You have many options for your cardio workout – running, cycling, swimming or using stairs are all good options.Many people underestimate walk As a weight loss tool, but it is also very effective for your daily life. It’s low impact, great for recovery, and can be done over long distances and for extended periods of time. Switch it up so you don’t get bored and rotate what you do each week.

You will want to participate in as many daily steps as possible. why it matters, um, step Are you up?Even though you may be exercising, you are considered if you are sitting and not active outside of your workout sedentary. When you’re in a fitness mindset, inactive time shouldn’t be part of your daily routine.Plain and simple, if you want to lose belly fatyou need to walk every day.

When it comes to walking, there are ways to increase your calorie burn to help you on your fat loss journey. Here are some tips I recommend to include in your next cardio workout to get rid of belly fat.Check them out below, and next, be sure to read 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Says Trainers.

Woman doing uphill walking exercise to get rid of belly fat

One way to increase the difficulty of walking to burn more calories is to increase the incline. By going uphill, you force your body to work harder, recruiting more muscles around the hips and legs. Find a hill in your neighborhood, park, or city and go all the way to the top. Come back and repeat a few more rounds.

Think of it this way – you spend the same amount of time walking on a flat surface as it would take you to take a short trip up an incline. You’ll benefit more by doing the latter, so why not?

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Woman walking outside to get rid of belly fat

Besides increasing inclines and going up hills, another way to burn more calories and fat while walking is to increase speed. If you’re used to walking slowly, you can do some power walking instead.

On your next walk, challenge yourself to go a little faster. You can calculate how long it usually takes to walk the regular route and try to beat that time. If you’re just starting out and building up your stamina, you can do interval training by alternating between short, brisk walks and a regular pace. A little tip is to have a motivational playlist for your excursions, fast beats can be very uplifting.

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Middle aged woman doing bodyweight squats outside while walking

You can work your legs harder with some bodyweight exercises as you walk. Here are a few I recommend. Do it one at a time, or do it all back-to-back before walking again:

Bodyweight Squats (x15 reps)

Keeping your torso upright and your core engaged, sit on your heels and hips until they are parallel to the ground. Then, stand up again and flex your hips and quads at the top.

Walking lunges (x10-15 reps per leg)

Begin the movement by taking large strides and stepping forward with one leg. Press firmly on your feet, then lower yourself under control until your back knee touches the ground lightly. Once the knee touches the ground, step over with the other leg and repeat.

Hip kicks (x15 per leg)

With your hands out to your sides, start kicking your heels back into your hips, flexing your hamstrings with each repetition.

High Knee (x10 reps per leg)

Keeping your torso upright and your core engaged, begin to move your knees back and forth over your hips.

Before you know it, you’ll shed belly fat and hit your fitness goals.

Middle-aged bodybuilder man running outdoors to solve sleep apnea

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