Great Minds: Matt Heath – Taking Friends for a Walk for Mental Health and Exercise

Level up your friendship with a walk – it’s better for you than a

Matt Heath, Herald columnist and Radio Hauraki breakfast host, has taken on a new role as Wellbeing Editor for our Great Minds Mental Health Program.

“Hey man, what are you doing? Want to go

I’m trying to get over these anti-walking emotions. Walking with friends is free and healthy, and you won’t be dangerously steamed on the K road eight hours later. Once you step on it, a walk isn’t as awkward as meeting at a bar. You have a natural instinct to look, not just look at your friend’s face across the table. When you meet for drinks, you fill in awkward pauses with booze, vaping, and checking your phone. As you walk, you can let the conversation flow at a natural rhythm.

One third is not bad. Phil and I took a 4km stroll around the picturesque Ōrākei Basin. We talked and laughed and went home fully awake. A few days later, it was so successful we wandered around Maungawhau (though the stroll at De Post Belgian Beer Cafe did last a few hours).

Cheer up and upgrade your friendship today by taking a walk—it might not kill you, it might make life more fulfilling for both of you.

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