Hamza Moknii battles the US healthcare system

Hamza Moknii is starting to face a challenge to the U.S. health care system amid rumors of a breakup from his daughter’s mother, Memphis Smith.

Star 90 day fiancé Hamza Moknii is facing a battle with the US health system. Hamza comes to America With his fiancé and the child’s mother, Memphis Smith.exist 90 Day Fiance: 90 days ago, Memphis traveled to Tunisia to be with her man after meeting online. Before their marriage in Hamza’s home country, the couple’s relationship was full of drama when Hamza kept a secret from Memphis. Unfortunately, Hamza’s arrival in the U.S. only made the couple more nervous.

Hamza sadly misses out with Memphis kids due to immigration, but he and Memphis show up 90 days ago Reunited as a united front. However, when the star of the series began suggesting on social media that they were no longer together, rumors arose that they had broken up.although Memphis has hinted online Regarding a single mother, Hamza has been showing off a new chapter of his life in Chicago while his daughter and Memphis are nowhere in sight. While he appears to be living a single life, Hamza’s new chapter won’t be easy.

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like other stars 90 day fiancé Across the universe, Tunisian-born Hamza faces challenges in his quest to find the American Dream. A recent post on Instagram revealed Hamza Encountered a struggle with the US healthcare system. “My country is very different from America,“Hamza digs into the differences between U.S. and Tunisian healthcare,” Hamza wrote in an Instagram Story slideshow.Dentists are not expensive in Tunisia” he explained. “It’s expensive to see a dentist in the US and I don’t have health insurance‘ said Hamza.

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In a follow-up Instagram Stories slideshow, Hamza shows a photo The last line on the dentist’s bill shows a staggering total of $12,557. Hamza did not disclose his dental problems or the procedure that required such a huge bill, only to write, “I told him the doctor cancelled everything.” With the Tunisian seemingly going it alone in the US without Memphis, Hamza’s modeling career appears to be the reality star’s bread and butter, which could present some financial challenges.

Fans have noted that Hamza’s lack of health insurance could be another sign of his parting ways with Memphis, who could have added Hamza to any existing plan had they still been together. Despite his challenges in the U.S. health care system, Hamza seems to be enjoying his time in Chicago, taking pictures and working out at the gym all over the city.Many fans want to know what happened between memphis and hamza In addition to live chat, audiences want to hear real stories If Hamza and Memphis appear in the spinoff series, 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy From Now On?

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source: Hamza Mokney/Instagram

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