Jensen Ackles’ Dean Talks Paranormal Prequel Winchester Trailer

The first trailer for the Supernatural prequel series Winchester has been released, narrated by Jason Ackles’ Dean Winchester.

The CW releases its first trailer supernatural get rid of winchester family it is from Dean Winchester of Jensen Ackles from the original show. winchester family Set for release in the fall, it will serve as a prequel supernatural. supernatural is a dark fantasy series about Dean and brothers Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) hunting down otherworldly creatures. The series ends in 2020 after 15 seasons, winchester family Confirmed in June 2021. Ackles and his wife Danneel Ackles are executive producers on the series.

In addition to producing, Ackles also serves as a narrator for the show. The series focuses on the adventures of Dean and Sam’s parents, Mary (Meg Donnelly) and John (Drake Roger). The show will see Mary and John hunting spirits in much the same way as Dean and Sam.It’s unclear how the show plans to address its continuity issues supernatural. exist supernatural, John didn’t know about Mary’s paranormal hunt until after Mary’s death. Not sure how, or if, though, winchester family Will fix that, and the trailer clearly shows them hunting monsters together.

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CW Network released not long ago winchester family In the trailer, Dean sets out to unravel the mysteries of his parents’ past. He will have to dig all the way back to 1972 in order to get to know his parents better. Back in time, the audience sees John and Mary’s first meeting, when Mary rescues John from the devil. This momentous event thrusts them into the dangerous world of paranormal hunting. Check out the trailer below:

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The trailer is exciting because it gives viewers their first look Akers returns to Dean. Dean was one of the central figures of the era supernatural it gives winchester family Use him as the driving force of the narrator. The trailer, meanwhile, also gives viewers their first look at John’s mother, Millie (Bianca Callish), and the friends who go on an adventure with John and Mary.This clearly shows winchester family will feel completely different supernatural. It’s a story that audiences have never heard before, creating a new history for John and Mary that’s very different from what’s come before. supernatural. Will this story be better than what viewers can piece together about the couple? supernatural to be observed.

winchester family But shows potential as it’s the only one in a long list of plans supernatural By-products are actually green lights. Many spinoffs have been tried before and all have failed. Now, winchester family is really becoming a reality along with its official trailer and fall release date. Of course, the trailer does cause continuity issues to rear its head again.Dean died at the end of the year supernatural, so it’s not clear how he narrated it or when he had time to delve into his parents’ history. It was also strange to him, their history was never very mysterious before, and he obviously didn’t know their history.Still, the trailer only gives a glimpse winchester family Not sure how many explanations and surprises there are this season.

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