Kelly Stafford keeps her daughter waiting to get her ears pierced

Kelly Stafford explains why she's not ready to have her four daughters ears pierced.  (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Kelly Stafford explains why she’s not ready to have her four daughters ears pierced. (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Kelly Stafford Said ear piercing was a “battle” in her family because she wasn’t ready for her four young daughters to do it.

Stafford — who has twins Chandler and Sawyer, 5, Hunter, 3, Taylor, almost 2, and her NFL star husband Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams — – shared her after morning The podcast says her girl has been dying to get her ears pierced. The question arose after Kelly and Hunter, 32, looked at pictures of their 4-year-old. Stormy Webster On the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards with her famous parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Hunter soon discovered Stormy was wearing little hoop earrings, I had my ears pierced as a child.

“Stormi’s ears are pierced, y’all,” Kelly complained to the audience during her speech latest episode“It was a battle for me. All the girls came over right away and they were like, ‘I want my ear pierced, I want my ear pierced.’ It’s okay to have pierced ears. I have a problem – I think kids are growing too fast.”

Kelly, who didn’t get her ears pierced until she was 16, explained that piercing is just one of many things she believes will push children to grow up before they’re ready.

“I have a problem with kids growing up too fast,” she said. “With social media and all this stuff, it’s happening so fast. Even the clothes they’re selling to kids now have, like, crop tops for 4-year-olds. I don’t know, it’s kind of outrageous — right For me. I just want my daughters to wear princess dresses and be kids when they’re kids. So the whole ear piercing is a little too much for me. I’m like, ‘You know what, girl, you’re sure Can get your ears pierced. I have no problem. But we’re not going to do that right now. You can wait. ‘”

Stormi Webster's earrings sparked a discussion about the Stafford family's ear piercings at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.  (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC)

Stormi Webster’s earrings sparked a discussion about the pierced ear in Stafford’s home at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. (Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC)

Kelly also joked to her producer that she tried to emphasize the pain of the ear piercing process: “It really hurts. There’s a needle going through your ear…”

She added: “It was one of those times and moments [when] I was like, ‘No. I just don’t want you right now. ‘”

She’s not the only parent to put their feet down. Kelly also revealed that husband Matthew objected to the girls wearing bikinis after seeing pictures of 3-year-old Hunter in a two-piece suit on a recent family voyage without him.

“He was like, ‘Well, that bikini is too much. Like, we’re done. I don’t know what you were thinking when you bought that,'” she admitted. “I was like, ‘I don’t know. I just thought they would be cute in a bikini.’ He was like, ‘No, no.’ “…So, yeah, we’re going back to the one-piece now.”

Moving from Detroit to Los Angeles in the wake of her husband’s deal made it even harder not to succumb to the pressure to follow the latest trends. Kelly said she already felt her 5-year-old twins were “like teenagers”.

“I don’t want them to be my kids forever, but I want them to make them kids as much as possible because once they’re not kids, they can’t go back. I do feel like social media does that,” she said. And added that she and her quarterback spouse have been discussing how not to give their daughter a cell phone “for a long time.” Kelly also noted that she herself may quit social media once the kids are old enough to realize it.

pierced ears Could be a divisive parenting issue, celebrity moms like Jenner and Hilary Duff criticized After showing off their young daughter’s earrings.But the pediatrician Alephia Malbari Tell Yahoo Life last year The procedure should be safe at any agealthough some doctors may recommend waiting until after the baby has received the first round of immunizations.

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