Postbiotic urolithin A improves muscle strength and athletic performance in middle-aged adults, study shows


Skeletal muscle fibers.Credit: Berkshire Community College Biological Sciences Image Library/Public Domain

Age-related muscle decline can begin as early as age 40, and there are currently no effective interventions other than exercise to counteract it.A new landmark study published today Cell Report Medicine showed that daily intake of Amazentis’ proprietary urolithin A, Mitopure, significantly improved muscle strength by 12% after four months. These findings further validate Mitopure’s benefits for muscle and mitochondrial health and show that it is safe and well-tolerated. Mitopure works by supporting the ability of cells to renew their powerhouse mitochondria during aging. Muscles have a high demand for energy, and there are a lot of mitochondria in muscle cells.

Previous research has shown that Mitopure improves muscular endurancereduces inflammation, and leads to healthier mitochondrial function elderly 65 to 90 years old. Following approval from Health Canada and an independent IRB, this new double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in middle-aged adults aged 40 to 64 (n=88) was conducted in London, Ontario, Canada. Participants were randomly assigned to receive a daily supplement of 500 mg, 1,000 mg of Mitopure, or a placebo for 4 months.Muscle strength, exercise performance tests and biomarkers of healthy mitochondrial function and inflammation in skeletal muscle biopsies and plasma Assessments were performed at baseline, 2 months, and 4 months.

  • Two measurements of bone muscle power Improvement in the supplemented group compared to the placebo group. Hamstring skeletal muscle strength was significantly increased in the 500mg (+12%) and 1,000mg (+9.8%) groups.Muscle strength during knee flexion was also significantly improved at the 500mg (+10.6%) and 1,000mg doses (+10.5%)
  • Clinically meaningful improvement in aerobic endurance (10% increase in peak oxygen consumption [VO2]), physical performance (+33 meters on the 6-minute walk test), and power output (+5%) were observed in the 1000 mg group but were not statistically significant
  • Blood tests and biopsies show significant improvement in biomarkers of healthy mitochondrial function and reduced inflammation

“These results are exciting because this is the first demonstration in humans that Urolithin A repairs mitochondria via mitophagy and can translate into meaningful physiological benefits. In addition, without any change in participants’ exercise routine, strength and exercise performance improved The improvement happened,” explains EPFL Professor Johan Auwerx, MD, PhD, co-author.

This is an important finding from research on longevity and muscle health. Aging is associated with decreased mitochondrial function, which can lead to decreased exercise capacity, muscular endurance, and strength. Urolithin A is the first and only compound clinically shown to improve muscle function by renewing mitochondria through an efficient biological quality control mechanism called mitophagy. By activating this important biological pathway, Mitopure promotes healthy aging and improves muscle health and performance.

“This study further validates the role of mitochondrial health as an essential pillar of vitality and shows that Mitopure is a first-in-class nutrient with meaningful effects on muscle health. We are proud to offer this specialty within our Timeline brand and within NestlĂ© Health. Urolithin A scientific products in form,” said Chris Rinsch, CEO and co-founder of Amazentis. “We remain committed to developing clinically proven products to optimize cellular health with a mission to keep millions of people healthy longer.”

“Mitochondrial decline is a key marker of aging and poor metabolic health. This study is an important milestone showing that urolithin A could be a game-changer in our field,” said. Dr. Eric Verdin, President and CEO of the Buck Institute on Aging, has just joined the Amazentis Scientific Advisory Board.

Supplements appear to boost muscle and mitochondrial health

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Anurag Singh, Urolithin A improves biomarkers of muscle strength, exercise performance and mitochondrial health in a randomized clinical trial in middle-aged adults, Cell Report Medicine (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.xcrm.2022.100633

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