Missouri softball loses to Arizona Wildcats in NCAA region

In a season full of potential, it ended disappointingly because missouri tigers been turned away Arizona Wildcats Second day in a row. Like last year’s bittersweet ending, I’m writing this recap in tears because it’s so sad to have to go this route. On one pitch, Mizzo’s season is over. On the basis of the last inaccessible gap, it was done. In the blink of an eye, it was over.

“I know everyone is disappointed when a loss means a team in the country ends up winning, and we had very, very high expectations,” Mizo coach Larissa Anderson said after the game. “And you always want to repeat and go further than before. But I can’t tell you how much effort they put in to get to that point. I mean, out of 300 D1 softball programs, we’re the rest of the country One of 32 teams. It’s not easy to do. It’s really hard to win.”

I want to offer more to this team. We all did it. They deserve it. For Casidy Chaumont, it’s basically just playing with one arm. If she’s awarded a medical redshirt, she’ll be on the sidelines this season. For Hatti Moore, her horrific crash in September made her wonder if she’d be able to continue racing. It wasn’t until January that she could put on the helmet and start thinking about playing her favorite game. For Kim Watt, her body was completely broken and she refused to see a doctor until the end of the season (“I don’t want to know what happened,” she said). For this pitcher, who has had their best team ERA since 2014, they’re really good and doing everything possible to help their team win. For the whole team, they did their best to keep it going, but just couldn’t. No one can say they don’t want it. I saw the look in their eyes. When it was all over, I saw tears streaming down their faces.

When they could have shifted in an era (crazy gesture) everyone Transfer, they stay with this team. Sanctioned for their events even before Colombia. through Covid.Through it all, they stay for this team in this the University. Today, that means something.

“Our kids are staying home, and I think everyone across the country wants to know how you do that,” the coach said.

“I’m so grateful for our senior classes. They were so committed, loyal and dedicated to this program, they really set the bar, set very high standards and left a lasting legacy. I couldn’t be more proud of them,” Anderson said.

“We didn’t get offensive production today, but they put in the effort, focus, loyalty and hard work that you can’t replace,” she continued. “The loss hurts, but their commitment to the program and the Zou, you can’t replace, and there’s nothing on the scoreboard that tells you their commitment to the game.”

For teams that pride themselves on their offense, neither team has done much in this game (or in their previous meeting yesterday, for that matter) because Arizona can only get done when it wins 4 hits and 2 walks for starter Jordan Weber from Missouri, tied with 2 players in error (one of them called a foul) and field goal percentage. They stranded eight, and none of those runners who stopped at the base came over to score. In addition to the lead single from Sherize Palacios who eventually won the game in the fifth inning, Jo was great.her crime is Very Difficult to control, so the spend went to Jordan Webb, who finished the season with a career-best 2.51 ERA and 12 full games, and (especially) Kara Daly, who seemed to catch every infield pop, and There are many.

Mizzou himself had 8 runners who had 2 hits, 2 walks and 2 fielder picks and had some tough touches today, really for the first time this weekend, but the Wildcats seemed to always Be there, make a dive catch or reach over a dugout wall and grab a foul ball. Whatever the Tigers seem to be doing, Arizona is there. For the most part, so does Missouri itself.

Kim Wert said after the game that she thought having an older roster could lead to more pressure on the team. “We knew it might be our last game, so it’s always on your mind,” she said. When asked what brought her to the series, knowing it would end, she said she prayed a lot. and cried. “I cried a little bit, but I looked around and knew I had to.”

While Arizona State’s pitching was questioned at the end of the regular season — after all, they dropped 16 points and 24 hits to Stanford in their final series of the season — they did start this postseason with renewed focus and perform well. Hanah Bowen was great all weekend, as was today’s starter Devyn Netz.

“I definitely think it was their best performance of the year,” coach Caitlin Lowe said of her pitching and overall performance. “We’ve been working hard to put these complete games together, let’s put our hearts and souls in the circles. We defended well and had great success…it was huge. She (Devyn) locked in for us again. Got it. Mizzou has some great hitters, just props to them because they’ve had a hell of a season.”

Listening to Lowe talking about Devyn Netz after the game reminded me clearly how Coach Anderson was talking about Jordan Weber and Laurin Krings.

When asked about her decision to start the Nets instead of Hana Bowen, who has already had so much success in the area, she said, “I knew they all wanted the ball, which made my decision easier. Know from past experience that Devin will go and attack people and give you everything she has. You know Bo (Bowen) is always available, but at the same time, when I look at Devin’s numbers, I see With the fire in her eyes, I knew she wanted the ball.”

Arizona will now face Mississippi in the Super Regionals, and they abruptly ended up no. Florida State finished second overall in Tallahassee’s season, but the Tigers will stay in Cuomo. Their season is over.

This team cannot SEC Championship Go ahead and leave out the factors behind it, so trust me when I say this – I don’t care if people think it’s unacceptable that it ends this way. I don’t care if people think that just because the team (basically) stays the same, it automatically means they’re going to be in the WCWS or whatever, if they’re going to lose to a great super team next week, or to a historic team today The blue blood is something they should be ashamed of. Larissa is not going anywhere. Michaela is not going anywhere. Sarah is not going anywhere. I’ve been there all season and I’ve seen it play. This team, this culture, will win, and it will last a long time.

However, when expectations and execution pressures are so intense, it doesn’t always work out the way everyone wants. Look at Alabama that sits no. No. 2 nationally for most of the season before fading at the end and losing twice (6-0) to Stanford in the zone they host. Their season is also over. So is Florida State University. So thank the seniors for their (literal) blood, sweat, and tears, because frankly, it’s unacceptable that you can’t wait to leave them.

Although this quote is actually from another team, it explains my point perfectly.Arizona, as I am my preview, have their own roller coaster season, different from ours. While Missouri came close to falling off a cliff in March, their game came later, nearly keeping them out of the playoffs at all.

“It doesn’t matter what other people think,” Coach Lowe said. “We put in the work every day, and I watched them do it and had a few bumps along the way. But at the end of the day, they made it stronger and I’ve never seen them come closer than they are today.”

What an honor to report on this team this season. I’ll have more softball coverage in the next few weeks, but I think I need to take a break. I’ve written a lot and I’m tired, you guys.

Thank you so much for coming, until then, MIZ.

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