Season 6, Episode 6 “Axe and Grind”

Christopher Kelly and Rhea Seehorn at Better Call Saul

Christopher Kelly and Rhea Seahorn Better call Saul
photo: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

‘s fans Better call Saulof predecessor It has been debated: Did Walter White really make it through five seasons of that series, or did he just finally find his way to his true self?Maybe the problem, considering the nuances Saul Spin for her, can apply to Kim who just wants to do good But willing to do something not so good to get there. In the flashback opening of “Axe And Grind,” we discover Kim’s true motivation. she, yes, With an axe to sharpen, we can consider Howard Hamlin a victim of her sharp blade.

Recalling Kim’s teenage years, her mom picked her up at the store office when the manager caught her trying to shoplift for jewelry. It’s not an expensive booty—though it costs more than an ’80s teen’s allowance ($35.53, including taxes, to be exact)—and Kim doesn’t seem particularly committed to owning the accessories.She’s upset about being caught – her feet are shaking in white sneakers, a move that will become a sign of adulthood when she wears high heels Nervous – while her mother was scolded deeply.

Punishment of her daughter makes Kim’s mum court owner, Wexler woman leaves shop Except for the promise that Kim won’t do it again. Well, that and the jewelry set. Kim’s mom stole it from the office, amused by the little thing, and gave it to Kim as soon as they got in the car. As it turns out, she’s not mad at Kim at all. She was impressed. “Didn’t know you had it,” her mom said. When her daughter was confused, she continued: “Relax, you escaped!”

That’s the catch for young Kim Wexler. There was a look of disappointment on her face as she biked home in silence, she was sure bad things weren’t getting the attention she craved. This got her what she claimed she wanted. And if a top student, for better or worse, can’t win love and attention, she has to go her own way, relying on self-reliance and hard work.In another flashback, this “Wexler v. Goodman” (Season 5, Episode 6) Kim is so determined to follow this philosophy that on a cold Nebraska night, she walks three miles with her cello on her back to avoid picking her up late with her possibly drunk man riding a horse home to mother.

The same spirit brought her from Nebraska to Albuquerque and landed her a job in the HHM mailroom. Her busyness led the company to loan her money to go to law school and then to work as an attorney at HHM when she passed the bar. Under the watchful eye of her partner, she continued to work hard until she teamed up with former mailroom colleague-turned-lawyer Jimmy, earning her a spot on Howard’s shit list. He gave her the thankless task; she spent hours working on her contact list (remember the post-it note on the HHM stair window?), when she landed on Super Account through her friend Paige Mesa Verde, she regained Howard’s favor. But it also exacerbated her distaste for Howard.

She hated his arrogance, his arrogance, his blindness to her wisdom, her knowledge, her skills as a lawyer. He even underestimated how bad Kim was. Upon hearing from Cliff that Kim was with him, he witnessed the fake Howard (Jimmy) kick a whore off his Jaguar, and Howard immediately believed that Jimmy was behind the ruse. It never occurred to him that Kim was involved, let alone that she had been planning it.

In other words, Howard didn’t know, and still doesn’t know, that Kim was on her. As for why it took Kim so long to let these grudges turn into such sinister things, we’re not sure. We only know bits and pieces of her past, especially in the pre-Albuquerque years. Maybe she left Nebraska for new opportunities in New Mexico; maybe she wanted to leave that young Kim behind.

Patrick Fabian in

Patrick Fabian Better call Saul
photo: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Perhaps her commitment to advocacy, her raison d’être, allowed her to indulge her more ruthless and selfish side. After years of misjudging and underestimating her with Howard, his villainy calls for drastic (but reasonable) revenge, in her opinion, now involving drugs and the animal rectal thermometer of veterinarian Dr. Caldera, who is an actor , disguised as Judge Casamira. Although Jimmy panicked about Casamira’s broken arm, Kim’s harsher things began. “It happened today,” she told him, before dumping her car towards Albuquerque. Even if it means she’ll ruin her chances of being included on Cliff’s new judicial reform committee, the one she’s heading to Santa Fe to fight for, King is capable of accomplishing her plan. at least one of them.

In a more real counterpart to Kim’s axe-grinding story, Lalo tracks down Casper, one of Werner Ziegler’s loyal construction workers. All Lalo wants is information on what Gus is doing so he can prove to Don Eladio that Salamancas, not Gustavo Fring, deserves a cartel show north of the border. Lalo was a little too happy with Casper’s feet, which might make the plan harder at the moment.

It would be unwise to underestimate either of them, Kim or Lalo. One of them broke long ago, maybe even born. As for Kim, she may just gradually find her way back to her true nature.

Spurious observation

  • Dr. Caldera’s Little Black Book!Now we know where Mike’s male address book came from (Mike had so many resources in Albuquerque, when he lived in Philadelphia until BCS timeline? ), many of Saul’s resources breaking Bad, and Ed “The Vacuum Cleaner”. How and when do we think this book fell into Saul’s hands?
  • Kim noticed Ed’s business card while flipping through Caldera’s book with Jimmy.There has been a lot of discussion before about Kim possibly being killed Saul Finish. What if something bad happens and she starts a new life thanks to Ed?
  • Saul Star Giancarlo Esposito made his TV directing debut with “Axe And Grind,” and one of my favorite single shots of the season so far is when Jimmy sends Kim to Santa Fe to meet the guys at the Jackson-Mercer Foundation , in the background is a view of two intersecting lines that look like they’re drawing an X over Kim and Jimmy’s apartment. I think it might just be a coincidence, or it might mean more trouble for Casa McGill in the future.
  • Will Jimmy go back and buy that bottle of Zafiro Añejo, or the bottle stopper we saw at the season opening premiere was Jimmy and Kim on “Switch” (Season 2, Season 2, Episode 1)?
  • Mike basically created a low-key version of Gus’s lair so he could keep Kelly and Stacey safe. Additionally, episode writer Ariel Levine gave Mike a fart joke to share a thumbs up with Kylie. Man earns.
  • Maybe we’ll find out in next week’s midseason finale (titled “Planning and Execution”), maybe we’ll find out before the series finale, or maybe we’ll just have to use our imaginations, but after seeing how beautiful and tasteful Then Francesca decorated Saul’s office—so much molding-I’d love to see what happens to make it into the strip mall dive we know it’s in breaking Bad. My heart really aches when Francesca has to watch Saul’s clients puff their smoke on furniture and play around in Saul’s office.
  • Kim’s mom is a lover of great ’80s music, from Rick Springfield’s “Affair Of The Heart,” which was playing in her car in “Wexler v. Goodman,” to newly-elected Rock Hall of Fame members Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” Play when she and “Kimmie” get in the car in “Axe And Grind”.
  • Is Howard’s Crafted Latte for Wife Cheryl the Saddest Hot Drink Ever? When he presented it to her, it had a peace sign painted on it, and she barely glanced at it and poured it into a travel mug, unaware of his efforts? Harsh, Cheryl! Is she just bored with him like Chuck’s wife is about their relationship? Or is there more? Howard made a point of telling her more of Jimmy’s shenanigans, stressing that he would deal with it, “whatever it takes”. There’s an intense sadness about Howard that I continue to worry about for him, and he’s a character I wasn’t particularly worried about prior to this season.
  • If the actions of Howard and Jimmy do make something terrible happen, like something terrible forever, can Kim handle it? Did she go so far from the Kim Wexler we originally met that she was able to deal with that level of guilt (or even feel guilty)?

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