Skull meeting: Devin Brown’s impressions of John Elway, possible NCAA enforcement changes, and potential Big Ten schedule changes

During the offseason, we all wake up on Mondays. But at least we can do it together!

Word of the day: Rescue.

Point out the difference. Devin Brown was only at Ohio State for one semester and he was supposed to be still in high school, and I can already tell you with confidence that he’s going to be an absolute fan favorite — and that’s before we even get to him before the ability to throw the ball. football.

Please enjoy this glorious #content.

I really like how Twitter works “The following media contains potentially sensitive content.” As if his thighs would ruin some kid’s innocence or get someone fired.

Change is coming. The NCAA is the three government divisions of college sports (at least for now), and it looks like there may be some changes in the way the executive branch enforces the rules.

They felt compelled to toss in the “punishment for undermining NCAA enforcement in public comment,” a special kind of hilarity that screamed at angry oligarchs desperately grabbing power to slip from their fingers.

However, I do appreciate that we seem to be moving away from the “punish a bunch of players who have nothing to do with the breach” enforcement model and put the blame on the millionaires who really should be held accountable.

Change is coming. Last week, after the NCAA changed its rules, it took the Pac-12 about seven minutes to officially end its division and begin the season on a round-robin format.

Top 10 Not Exactly That Soon, but it looks like it’s definitely coming – just not this year.

Personally, I’m all for it.

Of course, that could lead to some rematches — maybe even right after the first meeting between Ohio State and Michigan — but it could also lead to more watchable conference championship games if every conference does it.

Plus, the potential to beat Michigan twice in a season is a way to break the all-time series lead at speed.Jim Tressel After all, it takes a happy person to die.

Offseason, baby! Guys, the Buckeyes are in offseason form trading their balls for some paint-filled high-velocity projectiles — but some are rocking an almost equal amount of filler (looking at you, QB1).

Guess the black jersey is only for the driving range, right?

Song of the day. “Wildfire” by Seafret.

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