The recently revealed secret scandal has been haunting ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Throughout the history of television, many game shows have come and gone. However, there are a handful of game shows that have managed to become a TV mainstay, and Wheel of Fortune clearly belongs on that list.

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As one of the rare game shows that has managed to become a destination for millions of fans to watch, there are huge audiences watching Wheel of Fortune five days a week.In fact, a lot of fans love the show so much they want to know all about it Interesting Facts About Wheel of FortuneSadly, however, when looking back at Wheel of Fortune’s recent history, it’s clear that the show has been plagued by scandals lately.

6 Pat Sajak defends many contestants ridiculed

In the March 1, 2022 episode of “Wheel of Fortune”, the puzzle of “Another Feather _n yo_r _a_” was unsuccessful after many attempts by both show contestants. The third player went bust and then lost another round, winning the bout after he finally had a chance to settle and say “another feather in your hat.” Considering that the other feather on the hat is a colloquial phrase, and one of the contestants guessed that the puzzle ends with a hat, a map, and a circle, the clip was harshly mocked on social media.

In response to the online rhetoric about the contestants, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajjak called out fans of the show on Twitter, which was remarkable. After all, when the host’s job is to get them to tune in, it says a lot about fans of the show because they feel the need to call them out.

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5 Fans outraged at Raven-Symoné rep

During Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, most fans of the show watch, hoping to see their favorite stars have fun and possibly embarrass themselves. Best of all, fans are having fun watching these episodes knowing that worthy charities will receive star bonuses. However, even if the episodes are entertaining, that doesn’t mean the producers are taking the show’s rules any less seriously. For example, on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune in 2022, many fans thought Raven-SymonĂ© should have won the round because she said “Ah Ah Ah Ah Stayin’ Alive Stayin’ Alive”. However, the correct lyric was “Ah Ha Ha Ha Stayin’ Alive Stayin’ Alive” and Tori Spelling got it right and won the contest. In response, many Wheel of Fortune fans took to social media to call for the show to be canceled.

4 Competitor misses car due to technical issues

Since Wheel of Fortune began, the show has had some strict rules. In late 2021, many fans of the show found out how serious the show’s producers were about one of the show’s rules, and got really pissed off as a result. these years, Wheel of Fortune entrants have won some amazing prizes Charlene Rubush pretty much followed in their footsteps when she got a chance to win a car. Sadly, though, Rubush failed to win the race even after she correctly said all the words in the puzzle “choose the right word.” As host Pat Sajak explained, Rubush paused for a few seconds before she said “words” and had to solve puzzles without pausing for that long. After the episode aired, fans responded very strongly. Audi stepped in and gave Rubes a car Calm down the anger.

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3 Pat Sajak mocking the contestants’ Lisp

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about the harm being bullied does to someone.As a result, when many Wheel of Fortune fans came to this conclusion Pat Sajak mocking contestant’s lisp By pronouncing see as “thee,” they called for the moderator to be fired. Unsurprisingly, a backlash ensued, with some saying firing Sajak would “cancel culture” while claiming people were too sensitive.

2 Pat Sajak’s joke about Vanna White freaks out a lot of people

Throughout the history of Wheel of Fortune, hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White have brief conversations in each episode. In April 2022, one of the clips landed Sajak in a bind, when a large number of the show’s fans thought his jokes were creepy. While performing on stage with Vana, Pat asked his longtime colleague if she was an “opera fan.” In this regard, Wan Na said, “I am not a fan, but I like opera.” Undeterred, Pat goes on to ask Vana if she “has ever seen a frenzied opera.”After watching that moment, I felt that Wan Na looked very uncomfortable, many people WoF fans call for Pat to be fired.

1 Another joke from Pat Sajak about Vanna White has come to light

After a lot of Wheel of Fortune fans were unhappy with Pat Sajjak’s opera in the buff joke, some of them started researching the host’s past behavior.considering Sajak made a fortune by hosting WoF There’s been a lot of footage to go through over the decades. Still, WoF fans were quick to spot another clip of Sajak having sex with his co-host Vanna White.Taken from the episode announcing that Vanna will be using thermal boards in the future, in response to the news Pat jokes about how hot his partner is“This is the last night of this puzzle board. You won’t be turning the letters anymore. The new board…it’s heat activated if you want. If someone can heat a board, you can.” For In response to the clip’s revelation, there are renewed calls for Pat to be fired.

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A scene from the episode

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