NFL owners are ‘counting votes’ in support of possible ouster Daniel Snyder

Smoke billows around commander washington Owner Daniel Snyder. The smoke caught the attention of his partners, even without confirmation that there was a fire.

As reported by Jarrett Bell usa todayan NFL owner said, the group is “Counting“As for Snyder.

It takes 24 votes to get rid of him. Of course, this is just the beginning, not the end. Snyder will definitely fight hard not to be forced to sell his business. While the various members of Club Oligarch accept the rules of life in the coalition, the antitrust violation of 24 or more business owners forcing another business owner to sell their business is evident.

Still, the remaining owners are heading towards a turning point with Snyder.

This is not new. We’ve reported on several occasions that Snyder is walking on thin ice.During Super Bowl Week, we confirmed Past coverage of DC 106.7 That said, if the league asked attorney Beth Wilkinson for written advice at the conclusion of her 10-month investigation into Washington’s longstanding workplace misconduct, she would suggest Snyder was forced to sell.

The league hired Mary Jo White, not Wilkinson, to investigate recent allegations of misconduct against Snyder by former Washington employee Tiffany Johnston.We reported on the day of Super Bowl LVI, “As one ownership-level source said recently, Johnston’s allegations may be the straw that broke the camel’s back For the league, that prompted Snyder’s partners to take steps to knock him out. “

That was before allegations of financial impropriety. The allegations include a longtime employee claiming that money was withheld from Snyder’s partner.

As we have said many times here, especially in PFT Live, Snyder has so many issues, controversies, and accusations that at some point, the mere presence of issues, controversies, and accusations is enough to justify ousting him, regardless of the merits of each one. At least one owner seems to agree with this position.

“People are getting more and more frustrated with what’s going on in Washington, not because of a problem, but because of how much smoke there is,” an owner told Bell on condition of anonymity. “I think everyone is tired of it.”

Anyone who isn’t involved in NFL ownership must be fed up. The question is whether the owners are willing to hold Snyder up to standards that may apply to them in the future. That’s why he got his pass last year. That’s why the league didn’t ask for a written report from Wilkinson. If a report was created, Snyder’s continued ownership of the team would become untenable. All other current and future owners have to worry that claims made by disgruntled employees could bring them the same results.

Again, they didn’t protect Snyder by brushing everything under the rug. They are protecting themselves.

It’s gotten to the point where they’re probably not worried. They probably realized that none of them would have to worry about being held to the same standards, since none of them would be involved in so much controversy.

Financial irregularities become the potential icing on the toxic cake. After the news broke, a source told CNN that if Snyder was really pocketing his partner, it would be his”death knell. “

Bell echoed that reality with the words of an unnamed owner: “If that happens, I think it’s the nail in the coffin.”

Bale also reported that concerns about the lack of written reports were “strongly raised” by bosses at the league meeting in March. Again, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the coalition helped others by not creating a roadmap for regime change while helping Snyder directly. However, the lack of transparency has plagued the coalition for months, culminating in a congressional investigation.

Ironically, the release of the emails that led to the ouster of Raiders coach Jon Gruden sparked delayed efforts to push the NFL and commanders or increase transparency. Without Gruden’s success, Congress would likely never have emerged.

Some believe that Gruden’s email was not released by the league office, but by Snyder. Regardless of who did it, the range of suspects is small. If it turns out that Snyder lit the fuse and ended up blowing his face, he’ll get what he deserves. Then again, he has a good chance to deserve it anyway.

plus the fact that there is evidence He wasn’t really suspended It’s hard to feel bad for Snyder when he should be, and where this might go.

Fire or not, the smoke continues to billow. In 2007, Goodell strengthened his personal conduct policy to justify the punishment of players who find themselves in off-field entanglements, regardless of the eventual conviction or guilty plea.If the league tends to apply the same standard to owners (and as clearly stated in organizer No), Snyder was long overdue.

Report: NFL bosses are ‘counting votes’ in push for possible Daniel Snyder ouster originally appeared in Pro Football Talk

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