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Record reset. May’s mega-auction continued in New York on Thursday, with Sotheby’s hosting Two back-to-back sales with total revenue of no more than $283.4 million Spanning 50 lots.Breaking news: Prices of many works of women soar, setting new records avery singer ($5.25 million), Christina Quarles ($4.53 million), and Simone Leigh ($2.17 million). In the first of two events, 65% of the auctions for recently produced art were women, a marked change from the usually male-dominated celebration.The second sale, for older post-war material and contemporary art, was a more traditional affair: most of the top lots were men’s works, while Georg Baselitz and Sean Sculley set a new record. art news there is one full report From Alex Greenberg and Angelica Villa.

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Painting in the form of block figures

In other auction news, The Aboriginal Heritage Commission of Melbourne, Australia is Trying to raise $1 million pass GoFundMe Collection of two works by 19th century Ulunjeri artists William Barack set to Sotheby’s New York next week, guardian Report. “Let’s try to preserve some of our history and bring it home,” one of Barack’s descendants told the paper. Benz A rare car, a 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé, is up for auction Up to 135 million euros (approximately $143 million). It recorded the sale as a record for the car, although “the claim could not be independently verified”, Associated Press Report. Dating back to 1955, it is one of only two.


New York court ruled against two artists, Jay Snyder and Richard Haasthey tried to prevent the dismantling of the Manhattan jail on the grounds that it would lead to the destruction of their jobs, Zachary Little Report. The case has the backing of a community group opposed to building a new prison there. [The New York Times]

About 600 works damaged in the flood Lismore Regional Gallery recovering in Australia Registrar’s Office Building in Sydney. It is believed that most will be able to show again. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

sculptor Alison Sal commissioned to create a playwright statue Lorraine Hansbury. To be shown in Times Square early next month, the work is Lorraine Hansbury Initiativewith a focus on protecting her legacy. [The New York Times]

flash-182 drummer Travis BuckAt home in Calabasas, California, there are many Raymond Petitbonone Andy Warhol Diamond Dust Silkscreen (Dracula), and Rick Owens Bronze vase. Waldo Fernandez The interior decoration was dealt with.
[Architectural Digest]

artist John McGowan Looking for a charming painting of a house standing beside a creek, which he made 42 years ago and gave to Mereway Upper School In Northampton, England, it was demolished in 2005. If you recognize it, please leave him a message! [BBC News]


A feast of the Stone Age. Archaeologists work at a nearby settlement Stonehenge Inhabited around 2500 BC, when that mysterious site was under construction and fecal material (human and canine) was found that provided clues What was the meal time like back then?, CNN Report. There is good news and bad news. “Pork and beef are spit-roasted or cooked in clay pots,” says Pike Pearson, who co-authored a study on the subject. This does sound delicious. However, the specimen contained the eggs of the parasite: the taste was much worse. Pearson continued: “It doesn’t look like the guts are always so cooked.” [CNN]

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