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    May isn’t usually a good time to add talent through the free agent pool, but this year’s post-draft free agent population is not typical.

    There are multiple former Pro Bowl and All-Pro players who have yet to find a home for the 2022 season. While most are over 30 or approaching 30, there are still multiple players who can be instant starters for many teams in the league.

    With the first wave of free agency and our draft, teams still have options if they want to make their team better before mandatory training camp begins.

    Here, we’ll take a look at the best talent available, taking into account previous production, relative health, and location value.

1 out of 10

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    Eric Fisher is no longer the good left tackle he once was, but he’s still available, a key to a position defined by their number of losses this season.

    The Kansas City Chiefs released the former No. 1 overall pick last offseason, but proved he can still be a starter for the Colts last season. He was part of the offensive line, paving the way for Jonathan Taylor’s 1,811 yards on the ground.

    Fisher’s pass protection takes a step back in 2021, allowing 7 sacks apiece PFF. That’s just one less than the sum of what he’s allowed from 2018 to 2020, according to their data.

    However, his PFF Level 68.2 He ranks 46th among all tackles rated by the site, still making him the league’s starter.

    Fisher also answered questions about his durability. He played 15 games last season after the Chiefs let him go with a torn Achilles tendon.

    He’s perfect for teams that need an experienced starter or a high-quality swing tackle.

    Potential matches: Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins

2 out of 10

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    Now, Julio Jones Probably more well-known than anything, but he still has some potential to be a valuable asset.

    If he can stay healthy, the 33-year-old would rank higher on the roster. He’s only played 19 games over the past two seasons, making it very doubtful he’ll survive another season.

    When he’s on the court, he’s not as dynamic as he used to be. He did post his highest yards per target (11.3) in his final season with the Falcons in 2020, but he only had one touchdown with the Titans last year.

    At 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, Jones still brings a massive physical presence to the expansive receiving room. A team hungry for proof at the receiver position could do worse than bringing in Jones.

    Potential fit: Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts

3 out of 10

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    inside National Football Leaguea line is only as good as its weakest link, so just being an offensive linebacker who doesn’t take down an entire unit is valuable.

    While Williams won’t set the world on fire, he represents a high floor and has experience as a defender and tackle.Just a year away from his impressive 79.4 on right tackle PFF In 2020, he gave up just four sacks and scored 67.5 on 1,172 possessions over the past year while splitting time between guard and tackle.

    He’ll be turning 30 before the season and has played in every regular-season game for the past three seasons, so health shouldn’t be an issue.

    Given his experience, he would make sense for any team unsure of their right tackle plans or the depth they could use in the paint.

    Potential matches: Las Vegas Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers

4 out of 10

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    After playing just nine games last season, the team had to focus on Akiem Hicks’ health while dealing with last season’s ankle and groin injuries.

    That’s the only way to explain why linebackers with Hicks’ pass-rushing ability are still on the market. The 32-year-old can still carry it when healthy. He reportedly had 3.5 sacks and a 9.7 percent pressure rate even while dealing with those injuries all season. Sports Information Solutions.

    For context, that percentage goes to interior defenders like DeForest Buckner (9.8), Quinn Williams (9.6) and Jeffrey Simmons (9.5).

    Hicks has experience as a five-tech 3-4 defensive end and has lined up everywhere else in the paint.

    Hicks probably shouldn’t be expected to play most of the snaps. His best role is as part of a defensive tackle rotation, where he can stay fresh and healthy all season.

    Potential fit: Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos

5 out of 10

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    Despite rumours of retirement and a long history of injuries, Rob Gronkowski Always stay near the top of the proximal scale. Last year, he averaged 66.8 yards per game behind only Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews.

    But Gronk’s health has always been a big “if”. Based on his age and previous injuries, shark draft Puts a 95 percent chance he will miss at least two quarters in the 2022 season.

    The 33-year-old has dealt with back, chest and knee injuries throughout his career.

    This extensive history may be the reason why he hasn’t committed to playing yet.

    “So if I don’t give it my all, then I don’t put myself in that situation,” Gronkowski said of his return in 2022. Josh Peter of usa today“But if I feel that way, if I want to go knock my head, you know, put my body on the line, if I want to do it again and miss that, I’m definitely going to sign another contract.”

    If Gronkowski does come back, it will almost certainly be Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. However, there are other teams that could use his skills to take their offense to the next level.

    Potential matches: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills

6 out of 10

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    There’s no way around it: Trey Flowers had a disappointing three years with the Detroit Lions.

    He hit seven sacks in his first season and was doing well, but the five-year, $90 million deal Detroit gave him is starting to look bad the past two seasons. In that span, he played in just 14 games with a disappointing 3.5 sacks.

    That doesn’t necessarily indicate his level of talent, though.

    First, Flowers’ second season in Detroit was more successful than his sack total, winning Class 83.3 From the PFF in seven games. He excelled against the run, generating a total of 13 pressures.

    Flowers is less effective in transitioning to Dan Campbell’s defense in 2021, but he’s playing in a system he didn’t sign.

    At the end of the day, he’s a 29-year-old with proven production in key positions. He could have a strong redemption in 2022 given the opportunity to go to a new team and the potential for a full recovery from the knee and shoulder issues that made him uncomfortable last season.

    Potential fits: New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders

7 out of 10

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    Duane Brown may not be the elite left tackle of his heyday, but he’s still capable of starting.

    Brown is entering his 37-year-old season, which is scary and explains why he’s still on the market. But he’s started every game over the past two seasons and remains at a relatively high level.

    Everyone’s time is up, but Brown has done enough to justify him.Last season, he was the highest-scoring forward on the Seahawks roster PFF The grade was 72.0.

    Brown did drop a less than ideal eight bags last season. However, Russell Wilson He has traditionally been one of the most fired quarterbacks each season, stemming from a poor offensive line and Wilson’s penchant for extended games.

    Brown remains one of the few left tackles with relative health. Any team looking for a one-year stopgap to protect the quarterback’s blind spot should consider Brown.

    Potential fit: Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams

8 out of 10

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    Center may not be the most valuable position on the offensive line, but it’s still surprising that there’s still a position as good as JC Tretter on the market.

    Trett’s departure from Cleveland has more to do with finances than his level of play or health.He’s the fifth-best player on the list Pro Football Focus and only gave up a bag last season.

    The veteran center will enter his 31-year-old season, but health shouldn’t be an issue. He has played 16 games in each of the past five seasons.

    Trett has a wealth of experience and will bring leadership and solid play to any team that chooses him. He’s been a plug-and-play starter from day one, and he’ll excel in pass protection and play a big role in the running game.

    Anyone with internal doubts will benefit from his addition.

    Potential fits: Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants

9 out of 10

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    Odell Beckham Jr. is no longer the real WR1 he once was. Injuries and age have put him a step behind his prime, but the 29-year-old proved during his time with the Los Angeles Rams that he can be the team’s second or third option. Super Bowl.

    OBJ’s numbers with the Rams aren’t all that different from his numbers outside of touchdowns in Cleveland (five touchdowns in eight games and none in six games for the Browns). But once Beckham made the playoffs for the second time in his career, he became a big factor in the Rams’ offense.

    In four playoff games, he had 21 catches for 288 yards and two touchdowns.

    If it weren’t for health concerns, Beckham would likely have been signed or higher on this list. He tore his ACL in the Super Bowl, so questions remain about how quickly he can get back and what he’ll be like when he does.

    Still, any team looking to strengthen their receiving squad would do well to add Beckham at this point.

    Potential fit: Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts

10 of 10

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    After an injury-plagued 2020 season at Tennessee, Emerald Clown Signed a one-year “proof” deal with the Cleveland Browns.

    He’s doing everything he can to show that he’s still a legitimate starting fullback in the league. The Joker has nine sacks after combining just three in the first two seasons.It’s more important that he stays relatively healthy and plays 74% Snapshots of 14 games.

    Part of the piece may have come from playing opposite Myles Garrett. Today, Clowney is at his best as a No. 2 rusher, but he’s still a high-end No. 2 option.

    Pass-rush is obviously something most teams can use, but Clowney’s ability as a run-up defender makes him the best fit for a team that will give him the ability to play with him.​​​ Cleveland saw a similar workload.

    The Browns are one of the teams that should still be competing for his services.

    Potential fit: Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers

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