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If you want to boost your cardio, check out TikTok 18 minute treadmill challenge. This is quick if you really don’t have time to exercise, and it can be fun if you’re tired of your current routine. Plus, it can help you “lose weight.”This challenge is posted by TikTok fitness trainer @jennadeleon So far, it has received over 12.2K likes and over 148.6K views.

We Chat with Fitness Instructors and Certified Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coaches Jacqui Smith The benefits of this approach treadmill program that combines various speeds and Aerobic exercise. Keep reading to learn more about the new workout that’s about to become your favorite.Next, be sure to check 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Says Trainers.

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The TikTok video is titled “Loose Weight With This 18-Minute Workout” and paired with the J. Cole song “Workout.”this sweat session Start at 4 mph when the fitness trainer does a 10-minute brisk walk. Then go up to 4.6 mph for a two-minute brisk jog. Next, jump to 7 mph for a one-minute brisk run. The last leg has the treadmill set to a moderate incline and Jenna walks for 5 minutes at 4.4 mph.

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Essentially, this challenge works on different inclines and speeds, allowing your entire body to benefit from it. According to Smith, “Speed ​​training is important whether you’re exercising on a treadmill or running outdoors. Why? It helps you build stamina and naturally get faster. Plus, it works your lower body muscles, Stimulates your fast-twitch muscle fibers, allowing you to burn fat even after you’re done working out.”

As for doing cardio on the slopes, Smith tells us that it adds some challenge to your workout, activates your glutes, and helps you focus on getting in good shape. Sounds like the complete package to us!

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TikTokers are here for the challenge—and rightfully so. What do they have to say? Well, all the comments look buoyant, motivated, inspired, with lots of muscle and fire emojis. One TikTok user wrote: “Modified it to my height today + added a minute at the end because I felt (fire emoji) really enjoyed it! Thanks,” another wrote, “Nice body! Motivated!”

The positive feedback received on TikTok videos shows how much fitness enthusiasts enjoy taking on challenges and sharing common interests. If you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, or build muscle, a challenge like this can be a great way to keep your fitness program enthusiastic.

Experts have discussed the positive effects of staying motivated and the difficulty of maintaining a regular regimen.participate in a exercise challenge– there are other people out there who are also involved – making it comfortable and exciting to join. In a way, it can make you feel obligated to try and do well because that’s what everyone else is doing. It might help you get back into a stable routine, encourage you to work harder, or just motivate you to keep the regimen you’re doing.

According to NASM certified personal trainer Emmy Cook (via health science), “Fit yourself with positivity, and people who are exercising like you can play a key role in enjoying their workouts.”

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As for doing cardio on the treadmill? The 18 minute class was fantastic! Even 10 minutes is a great addition to your daily routine.Treadmill exercise is a Great way to burn calories And start your weight loss journey, or just get better. And if you’re not on a mission, you can have some fun by challenging yourself with a TikTok video like this one.

“This is a great cardio regimen for beginners or those who have been running for a long time. While I wouldn’t consider jogging at 4.6 mph, it will raise your heart rate, strengthen Your stamina, and into your daily exercise, allows you to be strong, in shape, and continue to look your best – both mentally and physically,” Smith concluded.

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