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Welcome to Gemini seasonthe time of year when we transition from spring blooms to summer heat.

hot sun Will rotate in the sky of Gemini from May 20 to June 21. Gemini is the symbol of Gemini and embodies communication.this air sign We are encouraged to connect with others, learn about the world, and be curious about what we have yet to discover.

Gemini is the third constellation on the wheel, known as variable sign. This helps us be flexible with what life throws at us, and we crave new horizons during this time.governed by HGAs the star of wisdom, Gemini craves excitement, spontaneity, social interaction and constant change.

Dive into global trends and forecasts for fashion, music, fitness, hair and finance (cryptocurrency and NFTs!) and what’s and what’s not for the 2022 Taurus beauty season! Don’t miss it! be sure follow meall my favorites and everything pop culture astrology Stay in the know!


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What’s in women’s and men’s clothing: Nothing says Gemini’s social side like a great party! Every first Monday in May is the biggest night of the year in fashion: the Met Gala! The Gemini gossip, sociability and excitement set the internet on fire, talking about the most exciting, exaggerated and spontaneous theme of the year’s white tie of the night: “gilded glamour.”


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content: Our Gemini season pick is “The Heart Part 5” by Kendrick Lamar.

He is a poetic rapper, musician, producer and songwriter! He came back for revenge. He captures us with introspective social commentary about his past, present and future journey. The track is a fusion of Latin soul, hip hop and 70s funk. He writes about his personal truth, his conflicts, solutions, forgiveness, and everything in between. “Celebrate new life when it comes back. Intended for the lessons we’re learning now. At the expense of personal gain just to see the next generation be better than us.” Amen, bro!


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content: Here’s your fitness tip for Gemini season: Split Jump. This is a great exercise to get your heart rate up while developing some elasticity. enjoy!

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Tang was previously a member of the New York Post superhero trainer For superstars like Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively.

Women’s Hair Trends

follow celebrity hair stylist, Brandon Liberrati.

Gemini Hair Trends

Model: @therealrockwell Color: @vickicasciola Cut and Styling: @brandonliberati Credit: Gina Barbara

Gemini Hair Trends

Model: @therealrockwell Color: @vickicasciola Cut and Styling: @brandonliberati Credit: Gina Barbara

content: Gemini season is all about expressing the two sides of your personality, and this hot trend does just that! Color-blocked bangs just represent the edge of your alter ego. Geminis want to experience it all, and dyeing your bangs a different color than the rest of your hair allows you to do just that! It can accentuate any face, and if you’re bold enough to try this trend, why not choose any color you want, such as yellow: a favorite color for Geminis!

Men’s Grooming and Hair Trends

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Gemini season brings you an adventurous and fascinating side, and what better way to explore new directions and adventures than to change your routine! Why use the same product in a bathroom cabinet? With so much Gemini curiosity and excitement, step up your game with new skincare and hair styling.

skin care: Sisley Tropical Resin Purifying Balancing Lotion

Serafino says pro tip: Just like painting a wall without a primer won’t adhere evenly, think of toner as the primer for your daily skin care routine.

Shaving: V76 Clean Shave Moisturizing Gel Cream

Serafino says pro tip: After shaving, rinse with cold water to reduce inflammation.

Gemini season
The season of Gemini brings spice, sex and social fun. Get details on this season’s hottest trends here!

New York Post photo composite

beard: Proraso Beard Oil

Serafino says pro tip: Beard oil helps moisturize and protect the skin under the beard.

Hair Care: The best paste. ™

Serafino says pro tip: Blend the gloss and hold the hair cream to give your hair a unique style and the same hairstyle.

Kristan Serafino recently collaborated with Ryan Reynolds, Danny Devito, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Richard Gere!

make up

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content: Stand out this Gemini season by embracing the sign’s many corresponding birthstones, such as the tiger’s eye. Complete this eye look by using a brown winged eyeliner, a subtle yellow eyeshadow wash, and finishing with the spontaneity that Gemini is known for with a low olive green eyeliner.

Lizzy Polanco Gemini Beauty
Hollywood makeup artist and beauty expert Lizzy Polanco brings you the ultimate Gemini look of the season!

Finance and Cryptocurrencies

follow Crypto investor Amanda Maxwell.

what is inside: The crypto world is a complex tech-heavy industry. Your inner Gemini should allow you to use your natural curiosity and intelligence to help you sort through the troubling market right now. Just like we can all find ourselves ingrained in gossip… the crypto market can also take the form of narratives. These narratives and stories show up in any asset class and really set the stage for how people believe something is going to happen.

It is very important when investing to be able to clearly convert what is exaggeration and what is truth. Just this month, Luna took a real dive for not being as stable as expected due to a misunderstanding of stablecoins and took the entire market away based solely on the misunderstanding of stablecoins. As a short or long term investor, it is important to always remain calm and see through the excitement!

What is the cryptocurrency outlook for the Gemini season? Amanda Maxwell gives you the inside details.
Getty Images/Westend61

Special Note: This month, practice calming your mind when you receive new news or gossip. In the crypto industry, it’s often best to get news from crypto-specific sources to avoid confusion that sometimes comes from traditional media when it comes to technology. Some good sites to verify stories are Coindesk, The Block, Bitcoin Magazine and Decrypt.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.


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Then hello Gemini season! Gemini’s energy is full of spontaneity and adventurousness, and has no limits when it comes to spoiling those they love.However, its ruler Mercury has just started its retrograde phase and is begging you to slow down, reflect, observe and love within. This Gemini season takes you on a journey of self-discovery to Bali, Indonesia.Gemini is badly packaged for its duality of twin energy and Bali is known as the island of the gods and demon.

coincide? I don’t think so! With little crime and a large number of expats, you are sure to feel safe and make many friends from all over the world. This makes Bali an ideal destination for virgin/novice solo travelers. Balinese life is all about living in harmony with nature and the gods. (Not always a harmonious vibe?) Splurge on a business class seat, as dining and lodging in Bali is surprisingly affordable. You can usually spend between $75-$150/night on a luxury short-term rental property that includes a chef and driver for the daily breakfast!

From the coast to the jungle, there is something for everyone, so feel free to hop around the island. There are endless picturesque beach sunsets, many world-class yoga studios, incredible non-meat plant-based restaurants, huge sparkling waterfalls and lovely authentic Indonesian cooking classes. Purify your mind, body and soul, then restore your spirits and prepare for the next cosmic shift! Whether you’re feeding gods or demons, you’ll love it!

Enjoy the spice of Gemini season! You heard it here first.

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